Saturday, April 27, 2013

US Diary 11: Road Trip Day 4: Virginia Beach, VA - Rehoboth Beach, DE - Home

Apr.16.13 VA - DE - NJ
Apr.16.13: With DC out of the question, we spent the morning of Day 4 braving the strong winds to walk on the shore. That didn't last long; the cold beat us. (And, there really was nothing left to do.)

Apr.16.13 (02) Virginia Beach, VA
Since the hotel was the only place that offered breakfast, we enjoyed a hearty meal as we planned out the rest of our day. As a friend had mentioned Rehoboth Beach and Assateague State Park to me before, the names of these places kept swirling in my head. We've decided to pack our bags and head for Rehoboth Beach, Delaware. A beach restaurant hop, why not? I quickly did my search on Yelp.

Over the Atlantic ocean on the Chesapeake Bay Bridge-Tunnel we drove. That was quite relaxing, and The Hubs was enjoying his road trip. (Or the thought of the next seafood stop was motivating...)
Apr.16.13 (05) Chesapeake Bay Bridge-Tunnel

The drive from Virginia Beach to Rehoboth Beach took us around 3.5 hours,

... and we made it just in time for lunch at Go Fish!
Apr.16.13 (16) @ Go Fish!, Rehoboth Beach, DE

Apr.16.13 (14) @ Go Fish!, Rehoboth Beach, DEApr.16.13 (12) @ Go Fish!, Rehoboth Beach, DEApr.16.13 (13) @ Go Fish!, Rehoboth Beach, DE
No need to ask for authenticity to who owned the place -- the British accents gave them away. The she-crab soup at Tautog's had whet my appetite for more crabs, so I had crab balls for lunch at Go Fish. It was a very good decision, and we concluded that we should only ever have crabs in this manner. (Shells are troublesome.) The Fish 'N Chips was worth the 3.5 hour drive to Rehoboth, too!

Apr.16.13 (15) Rehoboth Beach, DE
Rehoboth has quaint little stores, and as we walked through the empty alleys, we couldn't see or find a motel that was open. A hotel few blocks from the beachfront appeared to be in operation, according to Hotwire app. After a mediocre coffee from a doughnut joint, and with the winds too strong and cold to enjoy the boardwalk, Hubs and I made the decision to simply head home -- in another 3.5 hours -- to Pickle and Fluffy!

This 4-day trip was the highlight of Week 11.


  1. That's one of my favorite bridges! I still hold my breath. :P

    I would do almost anything for some fried food right now- jealous of your multiple meals of crab.

  2. Oops! Totally forgot things would be closed because it's off-season. Glad you still managed to get some fish and chips and have a walk through town though.

  3. Oops! Totally forgot things would be closed because it's off-season. Glad you managed to find some fish and chips and have a nice wander through town though.

  4. Oh! Feeling a bit of a lump in my throat...I miss America... I need to go back

  5. I'm glad you're enjoying your time in the US, Juanita! :)

  6. What an amazing holiday!! I see you enjoyed lots of different foods! Too bad you had to cancel that meeting with your family friend. This spontaneous-style holiday was still worth it. :D

  7. Looked like a great 4 day trip! :)


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