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US Diary 11: Road trip Day 3: NC - Virginia Beach, VA

Apr.15.13 NC - Virginia Beach, VA
Apr.15.13: Day 3 started early with an hour's seminar by The Hubs at the university. Following that, there was lunch and that very mini tour of the Mad Workshop housed in a former tobacco factory. Such an interesting place.

At 3pm, we left North Carolina and made the 3 hr 45 min drive northeast (202 miles) to Virginia Beach, VA. Why Virginia Beach? The few nights before, we thought it'd be fun to drive a different route back. It was with a casual look at Google Earth that made us decide to head for the coast, and Virginia Beach sounded like... a beach.

The quietest drive: eastwards in Virginia. Apr.15.13

We did not know what to expect to see in Virginia Beach, but the few-second-research on made me conclude that Tautog's was the restaurant to go to. They had me at She-crab soup. Entered Tautog's address into the GPS and off we went.
Apr.15.13 (19a) @ Tautog's, Virginia Beach, VA
Apr.15.13 (15) @ Tautog's, Virginia Beach, VA
Apr.15.13 (17)  @ Tautog's, Virginia Beach, VAApr.15.13 (18) @ Tautog's, Virginia Beach, VAApr.15.13 (19) @ Tautog's, Virginia Beach, VA

At the restaurant, our eyes only sought the recommended dishes on the menu, and we realised too late that we might have overdosed on tuna, that night -- it was Tuna Tataki Martini, Blackened Tuna, and Tuna Martinique! Never mind that; they were all delicious.

Following this spontaneous style of travel, I found us a hotel* through Hotwire during dinner. We were wowed by the ocean view.

Apr.16.13 (01) Virginia Beach, VAApr.16.13 (04) Virginia Beach, VA

The Hubs was so impressed that he wanted to stay an extra night in VA Beach. (This guy has never taken a holiday from work before.) But being off-peak season, everything's closed, and it was too cold to enjoy the beach... Also, I felt we should stick to our rough itinerary of heading north to Washington, DC -- we were to meet a friend there the next morning.

And then something bad happened in Boston.

Heading into the nation's capital after an event like that was going to make everyone testy, The Hubs firmly believed. With that decision, I had to disappoint the friend and cancelled our meet in DC. Whether we were going to spend another night in VA Beach, we left that decision to the next morning (Day 4).

*Wyndham Virginia Beach Oceanfront

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