Thursday, April 11, 2013

Meeting My New Heavy Duty Singer


This Singer sat in my room for over a month. I decided on a Heavy Duty, thinking I'd have grand plans for it, but for some reason, I let days past without getting acquainted with this new member to my hobby repertoire.

When I finally sat down to meet with this machine, it was all about training myself and muscle-memorising where switches were. I've formed old habits from past machines. Very importantly, I was getting the feel of her temperament and how she likes to be treated... Every machine is different.

The first project I introduced to this machine was something effortless and easy: attaching lace to kitchen towels. It was out of necessity that I finally used this sewing machine.


  1. Getting to know your machine is definitely an important first step! It took me a while to get to know my new one here.
    I prefer top-loading bobbin machines like yours. Mine is side loading and it's a bit irritating. I also can't see how much thread I have left.

    I'm now looking forward to seeing your new projects!

  2. I always feel anxious using a new machine! I am so used to my current machine and I love it so much - its a singer too. But its not heavy duty :P

  3. Looks like you have lots of fun ahead of you with your new toy.

  4. I can never work out a sewing machine, they scare me! Well done! :)


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