Tuesday, April 2, 2013

US Diary 8: March 2013

Mar.09.13 Golden Nugget Antique and Flea market
Mar.14.13 Thursday's Knitting Group in Thomas Sweet Cafe
Mar.14.13 Knitting group at Thomas Sweet Cafe, Montgomery
Mar.23.13 Our first movie in NJ
Mar.23.13 Our first movie!
Mar.30-31.13 Can we call this far?
Mar.30-31.13 Flight path from Adelaide to New York
March just marched past. Sorry, had to. There was no bread-baking adventure in March, thanks to good old-fashioned laziness.

One early March weekend, I wanted to see something old. Old American, antique-y kind of old. Do you get thrift-shopping withdrawal? I think I can call it that. With that inspiration, we drove to an old haunt: New Hope and Lambertville. It was with a wrong turn at Lambertville that we discovered the Golden Nugget antique and flea market, another place we used to visit. (More on that next time?)

Before our boxes arrived, I was craving to knit so bad that I unraveled the silk yarn dress. I was that desperate, and by doing so, I had good reason to join a Thursday morning knitting group which I drove myself to :D Don't need to cheer yet, it is at a cafe 5 minutes away, en route to yoga centre.

We also watched our first movie! What we chose for our first cinematic experience back in New Jersey was an action movie with obligatory overpriced nachos. It is a purely-action movie where the all-American hero saves the world. (Olympus Has Fallen.) Leave your brain behind. Don't say I didn't warn you.

Finally, the month crept by with a sneaky trip to quiet Adelaide, where we surprised family with our transit in Singapore. Geez, we spent 4 out of 7 days flying.


  1. A knitting group? Wow! I'm glad to hear that you are enjoying your days in your new home. :)

  2. Sounds like a fun and busy month - one of my best friends is from Adelaide, I really want to visit sometime soon :D What have you been knitting lately?

  3. Oh no, that dress! I saw you wearing it and thought it looked great on you. What did you end up making with the yarn this time? :)

    I laughed at that antique shop sign.. were the alphabets purposely misaligned that way?

  4. Hi Juanita! :)
    Lovely glimpses on your life in March! I see you've been traveling again... wow, to Australia and back in one week! I will be traveling soon too ;)
    Hope you are well and settling in! Do keep in touch! :)

  5. Glad to read you also joined a knitting club!
    Please, don't be so modest about your driving skills! :)

  6. You were in SIngapore? :) and Adelaide, I used to live there! hahaha Hope you had a great 3 days of land feeling! :)


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