Thursday, April 4, 2013

JuanitaTortilla Shuttle, at your service


As of April 2013, the JuanitaTortilla Shuttle will be servicing these small-town routes:
* home - Thomas Sweet Cafe / Shop Rite supermarket / P'ton Yoga Center [5-8 min];
* home - P'ton train station, the link to NJ Transit [10-15 min];
* home - P'ton Public Library, the gateway to Downtown P'ton [10-15 min]; and
* home - Whole Foods Supermarket, although still quite iffy [15-20 min].

Off-peak and daytime hours preferred.
Detours and multiple locations are not yet possible.


  1. Wee! Way to go, Juanita :) I don't even know how to drive haha

  2. Ha, you crack me up! If it's any comfort I hate driving distances that take more than 30 minutes too and I've lived in this town all my life ... ;-)

  3. Hi Juanita

    You're doing well!! It's a far cry from Maur - do you have reverse culture shock?

    Keep up the driving


  4. ha ha, it sounds just like me driving, I can just about manage home-nursery off peak and the occasional trip to the shops!

  5. YAYYY!!!! Well done, Juanita! Way to go!!! I'm proud of you! :)

  6. yay! Go girl! You can do it!!!! :) xxx (living my dream through you!)


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