Wednesday, April 10, 2013

US Diary 9: A Week of Big City and Small Town Meets

That was quite an interesting week, last week. It involved two meet-ups: a big city one and a small-town one.

Apr.02.13 Alice's Tea Cup Chapter 3 #alicesteacup #aliceinwonderland
In the Big City meet, I met up with two new - and absolutely fun - friends from Brisbane who were visiting. We had tea, sandwiches, and sweets Alice in Wonderland style, at Alice's Tea Cup. Thanks for hosting us, New York City. I rode the train home thinking about the fun conversations, making the hour's journey short. Or was I mostly thinking about the chocolatey-chocolate cupcake I shouldn't have had, but did so anyway? It had me at the star sprinkles.

New Friend was making her way to NYC for a holiday over Easter, and she sent me a shout-out. I wouldn't have missed this for the world.

Apr.05.13 We made a new friend today.
My small-town meet took place at small world coffee in our little P-town. This coffee place seems to be the default place for many here, and I'm always there for their Tough Chai. "Kittybutt" and I sat out in the sun and we gushed over our cats, spent two seconds talking about our Etsy stores, then went back to talking about cats. I am happy to have found a new friend in this little town. There aren't many Etsy sellers - who also are crazy cat mothers - in this small town, but I'd take quality over quantity, any day.

I like meeting other Etsy sellers and artists. In my search, Kittybutt had me at the funny cats and unusual name. Thank goodness she wasn't weirded-out by my message.


  1. Meeting blog friends in real life can be so great and you just jump straight into the good, juicy conversations. (I'm so pleased that my post helped you, thank you for sharing too)

  2. I've met blog friends twice and the feeling is indescribable haha You finally met someone who exists online :) I'm still salivating over the cupcakes haha

    Have a great day Juanita!

  3. How nice to meet a new friend! :D

  4. Glad you are settling in to your new life in America. It can be difficult moving to new places and getting to know people, I'm glad you have found a new friend with similar interests!
    Sarah x

  5. Yah for blog friends - I'm looking forward to our meet up soon :D

  6. That looks like a few great meet ups! I enjoy getting to know other bloggers, and especially meeting them! I don´t get to meet many that often though!


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