Friday, March 15, 2013

US Diary 4: West Side, New York. March 01, 2013.

You could call March 1st 2013 my first month anniversary to this New Jersey stay; one month down, only eleven more to go. I "celebrated" this anniversary by heading north, meeting a friend who lives in the city, that Friday morning. It was just good timing that she had that day free.

The commute to New York Penn(sylvania) Station was easy, taking about 80minutes. (An express train would be 60-63 minutes.) Now I wonder why I was intimidated by the American trains earlier... Everything's in English, nothing to worry about.
Mar.01.2013 in the Dinky (shuttle train) to Princeton Junction. Off to visit NY.

Sogol, my friend, took me round walking and exploring sights that I have not seen; we spent our day at the West Side. First stop after a snack along "Korea Way" was a walk on the High Line. (
Mar.01.2013 High Line, New York

This city is overrun by tourists like myself, and to stop for a picture would take forever. It was best to keep walking.

Here's something else special at the High Line: at this point, in the far distance, you can see the Statue of Liberty across the water. There.
I know. It requires a bit of imagination.

With the mandatory Statue of Liberty photo taken, it was time for the Chelsea Market, As with all indoor markets, it was packed with people. Being there at lunchtime could only give us a glimpse of what was on offer there. Isn't the map of the market cute?
Mar.01.2013 Chelsea Market, New York
We weren't hungry to fight for space, so we skipped the lunch crowd and walked to Hell's Kitchen to have Thai. When spoiled for choice, it's always easy to go with something spicy, in my opinion...

Then we walked our stuffed selves to Times Square to get immersed in the crowd.

(Heartwalk, NYC:

Did I get my face captured and see myself do the Gangnam? No, sorry to disappoint!

I ended my city outing with Sogol taking me through the worm tunnel Subway for a 2-stop ride to the NY Penn station. It was a direct line, but the underground passages and multiple similar platforms were enough to overwhelm me with confusion. Will it get better the next time?


  1. I'm obsessed with Chelsea Market.

  2. Looks like a lovely time! I get really overwhelmed at train stations and very confused.

  3. That is one creative map!
    How do you find the subway compared to the London Underground? I've never been to NY, so I can't compare myself. I wouldn't like the crowds though...

  4. I was super intimidated by the metro when I lived in D.C., but I quickly became accustomed to it. (Though, not the cost. I spent so much on metro fare.)

    Happy anniversary! :)

  5. This looks really fun - I love days out with friends exploring :) I really hope you are in NYC in May so we can meet up;)

  6. OMG, the countdown has already begun?! Cannot wait to have you back, he he :)

  7. How long are you in the states for? It looks amazing! :)


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