Saturday, March 2, 2013

A Bread A Month: February 2013: Persian Naan

Feb.28.13 Persian naan
After receiving a message from a friend in Z├╝rich, I was reminded of the flatbreads we bought from an ethnic supermarket in the city, and decided this bread would be my February's bake. I have tried an online recipe, in the past, without much success. The Persian Naan in Baking With Julia was the best bet.

Feb.28.13 Persian naan
I followed the bread recipe, which was easy, although I half-baked the first 2 loaves by accident, because the oven did not seem to reach 500°F (260°C). Baking time was said to be 5 minutes in 500°F, so I had to work with 450°F for 10:30 minutes to get a brown crust. Everything worked out well since I intended to freeze the remainder.

Feb.28.13 Persian naan
Rising the bread took 2 hours or more, which allowed me time to slow-cook a chicken stew while the dough threatened to triple its size. Also, I had a late start to dinner prep, but it was worth the wait.

Feb.28.13 Persian naan
This Persian Naan is fluffy and soft on the inside, which is remarkably different from my past breads. So what changed? Everything has changed, but I believe what helped were: a bigger kitchen space, a proper gas oven, and a good recipe.

I think I found my baking book!


  1. yummy... looks nice! I should try it :)

  2. Whee at last you have a kitchen to suit the great chef that you are! The bread looks yummy and I imagine it went well with the stew you made!
    Is your oven a gas one that you have to light manually? Or is that part electric? My sister has a gas stove top but electric oven. I much prefer the cooking power of a gas stove. My mum has a gas oven that she has to light manually.. in that case, I prefer electric ones. :D

    1. I just have to keep myself entertained and cooking is one of the things I can do :D

      The gas oven lights up on its own, thankfully!
      Oh I know exactly those gas ovens you have to light by yourself... The idea of waiting to smell/hear the gas then sticking your hand in with the flame is not appealing :D

  3. That looks good so fluffy inside!
    Sarah x

  4. This looks amazing! I want to try it :D

  5. Looking forward to a very successful baking year then!


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