Friday, February 15, 2013

US Diary 2: Two Weeks in NJ and Settling In

* We were originally booked on different seats, because we were told cats need to be seated separately. But when the plane doors closed, the seat next to me was empty, and seeing how the cats and us were "one family", we got to sit together for 9.5 hours :) Pickle couldn't stop complaining, understandably. It is frightening for a little cat. She even managed to pop the zipper and squeezed her head out. I panicked and fought hard with this little cat to get her head back in; didn't want a cat loose on a plane! Fluffy was as silent as ever, in his quietly-stressed form. He did so well.

On the road to NJ
* Poor kitties were in the carrier for 3 + 9.5 + 2 hours. No food, no water, no toilet... even in the few hours before their travel. The drive from JFK to New Jersey could not be slower.

They own this place.
Fluffy and Pickle own the place
* Getting them out of the carrier was my utmost concern. When we reached our temporary home, the cats took to it immediately and owned the place. The cat-loving landlord was really kind to offer us this temporary accommodation for 5 nights -- our "real" home was still occupied.

02.03.13 We love free Wifi. Thank you Thomas Sweet cafe.
Thomas Sweet Cafe, Montgomery NJ
* We discovered a friendly Thomas Sweet cafe one Sunday morning, some few minutes drive north of our sleepy town. The free Wifi went well with our large hot coffees and grilled sandwiches for a Sunday brunch. Pity about the short battery lives of our gadgets, but it was great to get connected with the rest of the world in that time.

New kitty collars
* Gone are the old and frayed cat collars. Fluffy now has an XL collar for a handsome XL cat, and a pretty one for the little miss Pickle.

* We moved into the furnished apartment and made it our own. I did once ask for a country-style house, didn't I. This place is spacious and we look forward to hanging out in the large backyard as soon as winter lets up. In April, hopefully :D

February.06.13 Our shiny new ride
* Out of necessity, we spent a few days car-shopping. Having visited 4 used car dealerships and test driving a handful, none seemed to appeal to us. We came across another car dealership by chance and thought to try our luck. The cars we had in mind were beyond our budget, but tucked away in the auto workshop was an SUV that was being serviced. It looked great, from the bottom, and we peeked into it as the mechanic lowered the vehicle from the car lift. Test drove it the next day, put whatever cash we had on us as a deposit, and shook on it. Took it home the following morning and happily returned the rental a week earlier.

Feb.01.13 The fun fortune cookies
Fun fortune cookie messages
* It became obvious to us that what we missed most about living in the US was the all-you-can-eat Asian buffets. We have been gorging ourselves silly!

Other updates:
* I am still not driving.
* Our belongings are said to cross the sea at the end of February.
* With my work room not done up yet, I am taking my time with shopping for a sewing machine, as well as spending time in the public library.
* Fluffyhaus B&B is now open for business in Rocky Hill, NJ!


  1. Oh I didn't know you had relocated to NJ... a little bit jealous here ;) I haven't been to the US since 2001. Glad the kitties are adjusting well :)

  2. You blogged about the "instagrammed" coffee house :) The entire travel is really grueling for your dear pets :( At least they are now safe, happy and at home.

    Good luck on your new home, will look forward reading for more posts.

  3. Dear Juanita,
    I'm so glad to hear that everything went great with the trip and especially your furry babies!!! It was so great you were allowed to have them next to you in the cabin! I'm so glad to hear that you are all settling in well and enjoying your new home! Your home looks so beautiful!!! Beautiful photos, by the way! And Pickle and Fluffy look gorgeous in their new collars!
    Have a great time over the Big Pond, kiss Fluffy and Pickle for me please :) and I'm looking forward to more of your news! Love from the Alps! :) Purrs from Zoe :)

  4. What a journey! Luckily you had that extra seat for your hubs and other kitty.

    What's happening with your shipment? I thought it had already departed. Those annoying shipping companies. I can never forgive them for what they are doing to my own shipment too.

    Not driving yet? ok I have never driven any SUV before, I bet such a huge thing isn't easy to park. Take your time ;D

  5. -glad you all arrived in one piece! It's interesting to read that cats who are of the same family also must be split up on flights. It's great that you could sit together by virtue of having the lucky empty seat directly next to you.

  6. Poor kitties! We you not allowed to feed them on the plane? Still, at least they got through it. Your new place looks nice! How exciting! :) xxx

  7. so glad that you made it there ok and are settling in! so weird that they dont let cats sit next too each other - sounds like they were ok once they got home :) Cant wait too hear more about your adventure xx

  8. I'm sure you will master the driving soon! Good thing they make the parking spaces bigger here to match. ;)

  9. I glad both of you and the cats are settling down, your home looks lovely.
    Sarah x


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