Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Baking with Julia's Flaky Pie Crust Dough and French Apple Tart

Feb.14.13 Borrowed from the PPL Feb.16.13 Pie crust from scratch Feb.17.13 Quartering the pie crust dough. Feb.17.13 Not bad for the first try, if I say so. Feb.17.13 Blueberries were an afterthought. Feb.18.13 Overnight french apple tart.

Last week, I found myself enjoying wasting time in the public library. In my last trip there, I checked out Baking with Julia with the intention of finding a bread to bake for February.

The previous tenant had left us a few apples that were fast losing their crunch, so I thought what better way than to make a dessert out of them. The French Apple Tart recipe in this book called for a roasted apple compote filling, which made my raise my eyebrows and go, 'Oh, why didn't I think of that?' I have been sticking to frangipane all this while, which is made up of ground almond + eggs + butter, lots of buttery goodness... But I am switching to apple compote from now on.

Other real highlights and ego boosters from this baking experiment were:
+ I adore the flaky pie dough recipe. It has been years since I made my own crust dough, and I am happy to be reacquainted. The satisfaction is indescribable.
+ I love the ancient-old gas oven of this house. No more burnt tops!
+ Just winging it, I thought the finger-pinched decorative edging was too good to be true. In fact, I was asked if the crust was store-bought. *Preen* Made from scratch, yo!
+ The blueberries were an afterthought, because I got tired of chopping and thinly-slicing one, more, apple. The berries were a hit with our 4-year-old lunch guest.

Let's hope I will have just as good a time with a bread recipe from this book... What shall I bake? There are so many to choose from.


  1. Its funny I saw your post with this cookbook! I have it myself and next week I am starting a series baking 1 new item per week! You should join up! I think I am going to start off with pretty basic breads then go on with a little more complicated recipes later. Its an amazing cookbook!! I think I am going to video it each week so its easy for others to do a blog post! We could maybe join forces because your baking looks great! (: Happy Tuesday!

  2. Your crimps are to die for, Juanita!!! I'm super impressed with your skills, and, yes, it's hard to believe you haven't made a crust in years. I miss gas stoves/ovens. I also miss shopping at TJs. :D

  3. Yum. I love making my own pie crusts.

  4. Can you please please please teach me how to bake?!

  5. did you see the movie about Julia Child ?

  6. Your French apple tart looks amazing and the crimping is fantastic mine never look anything as professional as that!
    Sarah x

  7. Looks so yummy!

    PS: I'm hosting a Living Nature skin essentials pack giveaway at my blog, hope you enter:

  8. Wow! Your cake looks amazing!
    ..erm..I notice many yos since you're broadcasting from the US :D

  9. Weee! Not you got me hungry.. wish I was there to have a slice please hahaha


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