Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Project Fluffy's World: Moving Out of Maur, Switzerland

We return to this blog feature known as Project Fluffy's World. The last Project Fluffy's World was in April 2009. Since that time, Fluffy has had to move apartment (from being a city cat to countryside cat), share his maisonette with a new housemate, the little Miss Pickle, and gained new confidence after his lion cut in Spring'12. He becomes a Senior cat soon; Fluffy is 8 going on 9. Time has flown by for this sofa cat.

Fluffy hasn't changed much, but I know you like hearing from about him, so one afternoon last week, I sat down for a chat with him.

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This old boy appears to be coping with the latest adjustments in the apartment, but I have yet to tell him and Pickle about the long flight across the pond that they are about to embark. Fluffy might have forgotten this, but he is a Jersey boy. Will he recognise the smells of that place?


  1. Love love LOVE!!!! :D

    A note from Zoe: "We're not 'old' and we are not 'senior'... we are in our middle years and that's the best age, isn't it? :D I ran and jumped like a kitten today, I love staying in shape and playing ball with my mommy! A nose kiss to you, Fluffy! You're going to do great across the big pond!" (Zoe, to be 10 in March)

  2. I do hope all goes well. I wil be thinking of them and cross my fingers for a smooth journey.

  3. Poor kitty!!! Does he have the right chip that will read in the scanners overseas? :-) It's very sweet how you documented your cat's day, and I wish you all the best with your move... It was always nice to know that somewhere across the Greifensee, you lived ;-)

    All the best,

  4. Didn't know Fluffy is already turning 9!!

  5. This is so cute!! I love your kitties. I also meant to tell you I will be in NYC for about 4 days in May if you would like to meet up for a coffee/bite to eat/whatever IRL :)


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