Thursday, January 17, 2013

My Goals for 2013 Explained

* Photography course.
Something I've wanted to do for the past few years, but have always allowed 'don't speak the language' to be my excuse. I want to make sense of what a camera does. I feel my cyber life depends on it.

* Sewing course.
There's so much technicality to sewing. I want to know the why's and how's of constructing something. Much like thinking about a photography course, I did not seek out any classes while in Z├╝rich since I picked up this hobby.

* Exercise.
Lower metabolism and excessive eating have not been kind.

* Bake a bread a month.
Can't be a domestic god-dess without knowing how to bake bread. It's practice, practice, practice. I also did this challenge by myself in 2010 and thought it was really fun. A sourdough starter is something to think about, too.

* Conquer the NYC Subway.
I have severe direction impairment. When living in NJ, I always needed a chaperon to guide me around the Subway. This year, I think I may get my second chance, with the help of a smartphone.

* Re-learn to drive.
My life in America depends on it. No drive = no food = no life = no nothing. The end. I haven't touched a wheel for 5 years, and I am extremely nervous just thinking about it... Other road users, please be kind.

* Revamp my Etsy store.
New location = new prices. It's always nice to have a new look every few months.

* Meet other Etsy crafters.
America is where it's at. Also, there's a physical Etsy store in NY. (Related to *NYC Subway.)

* Go to the cinema.
Going to the cinema is fun. We've missed this since living in Switzerland. And no more distracting German subtitles floating around an English film. And intermission. What? Let me watch the film!

* Go for a musical / play.
There is a nice theatre on campus where we're heading. I am sure I can manage an afternoon matinee. (Related to *Re-learn to drive.) Or fork out more for something on Broadway? Even better. (Related to *NYC Subway.)

* Finish my fabric stash.
When packing up my boxes for shipping, I have underestimated my capability to hoard. I have tossed out many pieces of my good clothing to make way for fabrics that I would love to see them made into clothes. (Related to *Sewing course.)

* Downsize wardrobe to 100 pieces of clothing.
While recording things for shipment boxes, I had 85 pieces. Let's hope I don't get affected much by the awesome but mindless shopping.

* Live with less.
We are expected to move again, and I'd like to keep our moving boxes the same, if not less!

What goals would you like to achieve?


  1. I would love to follow your bread-a-month adventure once again!
    And now there's no excuse not to do those courses since everything will be in English. :D
    I agree with those subtitles, very annoying... and then, when the characters speak in a language that requires English subtitles, there suddenly are none for us. I miss a lot of the story if the German subtitles are too difficult.

  2. Hi Juanita! I hope my link still counts ;) Wishing you a great life ahead to wherever place destiny will bring you, I know you will be happy and successful.

  3. Random response:

    There's an actual Etsy store in NYC? How cool is that?!
    I hope the bread-baking goes well. Having a starter would also be good for making fluffy, yummy pancakes. Mmmmm.
    Good luck re-learning how to drive!

  4. Great goals, Juanita, and I'm sure you will be very successful!!!!
    I'm looking forward to following your adventures over the big pond! :D

  5. Hi Juanita,
    Your goals sound fun! I look forward to following your progress.
    Sarah x

  6. The subway is pretty scary!! Hope you conquer it.

  7. I can't wait to see you in a play! You should go for that list!

  8. Wow - so you are near NYC?! Lucky duck! How cool...yeah relearning to drive is a big scary thing...I still haven't accomplished it...!

  9. So exciting! You can so drive! Took me awhile to get used to city driving in Chicago but I managed. Remember the roads are much wider here and so are the parking spaces!


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