Friday, January 4, 2013

Good Things in 2012

+ Started the year with a visiting blog-friend from Italy. We watched the fireworks from our corridor in our pajamas, saw the Rhein Falls in Schaffhausen, and went to Konstanz.
+ Finished a merino wool turtleneck sweater for The Hubs, which was the most expensive sweater I ever made for anybody.
+ Sewed a couple of easy dresses for myself.

+ Hubs and I started the month with a short visit to Rome. There I met in person Juana, and Michela again! It snowed, and we spent the day hunting boots for me. I still love the warm boots I bought in Rome.
+ Knitted a colourful sweater dress.
+ Ended B1 Deutsch classes and slowly found my freedom crafting groove back.

+ Pickle underwent surgery to have her top canines removed. One was chipped and the vet needed to make sure it wasn't infected or affecting her nerves. The surgery was quick and easy, therefore the fee was reduced. Pickle recovered well, and she looks even more adorable.
+ Crochet my first pair of repurposed bangles to make door-knocker earrings.
+ Sewed my first fold-over bag for myself. No one believed it was handmade.
+ There was a professor inaugural speech.

+ Tackled my wardrobe and downsized to 150 pieces.
+ Made a dress with IKEA fabric and liked it, restoring my interest in experimenting with garment-making.
+ Sat for the B1 Deutsch exam, then bought a knife block that I coveted for years as a reward.
+ Hubs and I drove to Asten, the Netherlands, where I got to visit The Floriade expo. On our drive back, The Hubs spent his birthday in our side trip to Colmar, France. Received an SMS from our neighbours -- Baby J arrived that same day.
+ Fluffy received his first ever Löweschnitt (lion cut) resulting in a less stressed-out Rastafarian cat.

+ Knitted a cotton baby blanket for neighbours' Baby J.
+ Discovered some arty-farty and unique shops in the city.
+ Also discovered the beauty of Turkish flatbread, and tried to make my own at home.
+ We flew to Singapore, where I met up with two old buddies. Esther was one.
+ I accompanied the Conservation Drones (CD) duo on a 5-week travel around Asia.
+ In Sumatra, Indonesia, I fed a baby elephant named Aras.
+ We ended the month in Peninsular Malaysia, on CD training trip.

+ Spent the first 2 nights of this month in an impressive man-made lake in Malaysia, Lake Kenyir, as part of CD travels.
+ Flew to East Malaysia of Borneo as well, where I suffered food poisoning in Kinabatangan and received good care.
+ Got close to a wild orangutan in Danau Girang Field Centre, in Sabah.
+ Stayed in an 8-day-old Sheraton hotel, in Sandakan, Sabah, East Malaysia.
+ Went to Nepal for my first time. Had my first elephant ride in Chitwan National Park.
+ Met up with my 2 buddies in Singapore, again, and bought very nice fabrics!
+ Visited Brisbane briefly and witnessed some exciting koala tracking -- 1 wild, 1 tagged.
+ Ended the month being home with our fluffy cats that eventually forgave us for our 5-week absence.

+ Received my Zertifikat Deutsch in the mail after some delay due to my absence from Zürich.
+ Made the easy Blouson dress using IKEA fabric and was hooked.
+ Started making fold-over bags for my shop.
+ Fed my fabric addiction with a large haul of decent vintage fabric from the Brocki-land.
+ Downsized my bead stash greatly.

+ Jogged for 5 minutes. Then 7, and finally 9 minutes. My 3 jogs for the year.
+ Hubs and I had a spontaneous trip out to Konstanz. We saw a floating monk!
+ Tried gnocchi alla romana and loved it.
+ Contacted some Etsy sellers in Zürich and made a new friend, Aleksandra of Laser Cut Designs.
+ Esther and I decided to organise a swap, for which I was happy to create the images.

+ Got a surprise upgrade to Business class on Singapore Airlines A380. It was luxurious.
+ Hubs and I enjoyed Nepal again, for CD training workshop at Bardia National Park. It went well. I got to shop for yak yarn and beads in Kathmandu, and experienced rickshaw rides through the streets.
+ Joined the Cooking Club and made my first warm spiced cider drink.
+ Approached a consignment shop in the city. Got rejected and severely bruised. I learned to have more pride in my work.
+ Received tickets to Creativa by Züspa and shared my +1 with my neighbour. There I bought cupcake glass beads at exorbitant prices.

+ Made my first gathered waistband skirt using an old silk sari, discovering a really cool gathering technique.
+ Sat down to watch my online couture sewing course and got ever-more inspired to make my own clothes.
+ Visited Münich and met a new blog-friend Kathleen.
+ Visited Lenzburg with my neighbour.
+ My neighbours threw me a small surprise how-to-cook-Rösti-Raclette dinner party. Hubs provided a surprise cake!
+ Hubs and I feasted in visited Bristol, England.
+ I gave my shop a makeover by organizing them into collections and snapped new photographs.
+ Visited Winterthur with my neighbour.
+ Smiled over our first snowfall.
+ Wardrobe downsize Phase 2 -- I let go of some sentimental pieces.
+ Friend sent me a large haul of precious green tea from Japan.

+ Not knowing if we were going to spend a year in the US, we ended our apartment lease and waited for the wind to blow.
+ Hubs and I drove to Davos for a short walk in the snow.
+ Received a care package from Esther that took 3 months to get here!
+ Customer sent me a fabric to customise a phone cover for her. My first of such requests.
+ Donated some jewellery pieces to Greek Animal Welfare Society for their Christmas Bazaar.
+ Said farewell to German books and papers for good.
+ Received my 12 Days of Christmas swap parcel from Erin.
+ Watched The Hubs give his talk on livestream while I was at home and he in Washington DC.
+ Ended the month with an encounter with a DHL man. He asked if I was moving to the USA as he handed me a document from US immigration.

+ Cooked Chicken Adobo and it was l-o-v-e-ly. Hubs has been requesting for "vinegar chicken" ever since.
+ Combined 3 old bracelets into a chunky, sentimental charm bracelet for myself.
+ Realised how pretty Zürich is during the night.
+ Had a little Christmas-themed craft session with Book Swap girls!
+ Bought my first Sprüngli chocolate cake. Managed the purchase in German too.
+ Walked in the snow.
+ Enjoyed unwrapping a present a day from Erin!
+ Had lunch, and my first visit, in Switzerland's tallest building, the Zürich Prime Tower.
+ Hubs returned from Japan with many, many boxes of dafuku (mochi) and a cute miniature charm.
+ Drove to apply for our US Visas in Bern. And collected them the next day.
+ Fluffy received his Swiss pet passport.
+ Had a blast as friends dropped by our Christmas market stall in Heiliger Bimbam. It was a Christmas market of many first's: collaborative effort, market for 2012, and an event in the city.
+ Received thoughtful Christmas gifts from Sandra and Michela!
+ Wardrobe Downsize Phase 3, where I met my target of 100 pieces.
+ Allocated all our furniture and large home appliances to neighbours and friends. Free for all!
+ Ended the month, and year, with a visit from an old German penpal, where I tried my hand at Bleigiessen for the first time, and we watched the fireworks from our corridor.


  1. See, you accomplished a lot in one year! :D

    1. It seems a lot, when written down.

  2. The boring life of a Putzenfrau, eh?!
    I hope 2013 will bring you even more fun opportunities!

  3. It is so heart-warming to recall the beautiful moments of the past year, isn't it? You had a lovely year! :)

  4. It's great to read of your accomplishments from 2012! I especially loved your '3 jogs'.

  5. It's been a busy year for you! Look forward to seeing what you get up to this year too! Wishing you a very Happy and healthy 2013 :O)xx

  6. You have visited some wonderful places in 2012 and now you have your stay in America to look forward to in 2013.
    Sarah x

  7. What a great year! It's been fun sharing it with you, and lovely to look back over it now. Have a wonderful 2013!

  8. What a great year! Full of awesome moments! I love this idea of a full recap! I might have to steal it from you next year! ;)

  9. What a wonderful year! Here's to a spectacular 2013 and more adventures, friends and personal growth.

  10. Wow! You had a busy year - I'm jealous of all the traveling you did. I'm looking forward to seeing your new adventures in the USA in 2013:)

  11. Wonderful recap! Lovely to live vicariously!

    Where in the States will you end up? I'm in Florida :-)

  12. Wow - you did ALOT! Especially on the travel front! xxx

  13. PS I cant believe you are off to the States next!!!

  14. So much accomplishments for a year Juanita!!! Wishing you more for 2013. Have a great week!

  15. Great recap, sounds like you got lots done. Wishing you an even better year in 2013!

  16. i am loving peoples end of year posts, I need to keep better track so I can do one next year! Imagine the year you have ahead of you with the big move, can not wait to hear all about it - happy 2013!

  17. Hi Juanita! What a lovely way to sum up the year and remember all those little things. I feel like nothing really major happened to me last year...I mean no big overseas travels, no new big purchases, and luckily no major health problems or accidents! But I think if I broke it down into little things I'd see they matter just as much :) I'm new to the blogging world ( and am looking forward to reading more of your posts and learning about life in Switzerland!


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