Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Einsiedeln, Canton Schwyz

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The Benedictine monastery has a history of just over one thousand years. Since the Middle Ages Einsiedeln with its "Black Madonna" has been one of the most important places of pilgrimage in Europe. The Jakobsweg (St. James Path) also runs through the Einsiedeln area. - Source:
Not something usual I would do on my New Year's day, but since I heard about this "Black Madonna", I thought it would be nice to bring my visiting friend to Einsiedeln Abbey while she spent her New Year here. Being Catholic, she said Einsiedeln is one of the famous abbeys, and her mum had requested a bottle of wine from the Einsiedeln cellar, too.

I was impressed by the size of the abbey and how it is set next to the hills. The train route between Z├╝rich HB and Einsiedeln was really pretty too, allowing us to enjoy the typically picturesque Switzerland of the mountains and lakes.


  1. New years day should be about adventure - mine was about looking after a pretty big hang over! Switzerland is so beautiful, I am really hoping to get back there next year.

  2. Wow. I love your photos. I visited Einsiedeln about 35 years ago and it still looks exactly the same! Amazing. Even the weather hasn't changed!!! ;)

  3. It looks so amazing! Makes me miss Europe! :)


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