Thursday, January 31, 2013

Cooking Club: January 2013

IMG_4699 IMG_4694 IMG_4697 IMG_4685 IMG_4690 IMG_4701 IMG_4703 IMG_4705
January Cooking Club *photos of food you’ve made or eaten over the break* 
Collecting this picture summary shocked me at little. Why did I allow myself to pack all that in? And I wonder why I can't get into my jeans.

November was spent stress-eating. When November rolled by with confirmation that we are going to be away for a year, December was spent celebrating and binging for memory's sake. And then there was the festive season and mindless feasting with guests. With guests gone and the impending move-out looming by, January was spent stress-eating, again, as well as eating out of the cupboards. Note to self: Don't stock up so much the next time.

With 85 pieces of clothing to my name now, I guess I can head to the wonderful American outlet malls to stock up on fat clothes. Another note: Quality not quantity.


  1. Juanita,
    Your dishes look wonderful and I love the way you have displayed them. That chocolate cake looks so tasty. Why do we eat and buy some much around Christmas!
    Sarah x

  2. You are not fat! You didn't eat those meals all in a day, so I think you will be fine. :D
    And do blog about your shopping adventures! I'm looking forward to that!

  3. Wishing you all the best for the transition into US life, food, weather and clothes! Is there anything you couldn't get in Switzerland that you will now find in US? Or that you'll miss that's only available in Switzerland?

  4. Adobo!!! A famous Filipino dish hahaha that unfortunately, I don't love that much despite being a proud Filipino :)

  5. All the food looks delicious but I am a total shocker at over eating - I never stop exercising but I always end up eating way too much!!

  6. Now I see why you told me your jeans do not fit you anymore :D

  7. Oooh, that cake looks beautiful! I always overeat in the holiday period - hopefully your eating habits right themselves now you're settled in the US!


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