Thursday, January 3, 2013


31.12.12 Bleigiessen
For Silvester (New Year's Eve), I shared the evening with my visiting Bavarian friend and did a bit of lead poisoning fortune telling with melted lead. Blei = lead, giessen = to pour.

The Bleigiessen kit came with 6 shiny figures, so between the 2 of us, we each had 3 tries. (Hubs didn't want to play.) It was my first try at Bleigiessen, and to be honest, I am still feeling uneasy about handling lead with my bare hands. 
31.12.12 Beligiessen

How to play (or fortune tell):
Melt the lead figure in the spoon over a candle. Pour the molten into a bowl of water. Guess the shapes and figures, then look up its meaning / definition provided at the back of the kit.

Like a scared beginner, I made the mistake of tapping the spoon against the bowl, ending up with little bits of "things"...
31.12.12 Bleigiessen 31.12.12 Bleigiessen

What do you see?
31.12.12 Bleigiessen 1 31.12.12 Bleigiessen 1
In my first batch, I saw a duck, and many vegetables. It was evident that I lack imagination. 

31.12.12 Bleigiessen 2
In the second try, I was certain this is an anatomical heart...

31.12.12 Bleigiessen 3 31.12.12 Bleigiessen 3
The third pour was high and hasty, and ended up with maybe a patch of moss, or rock, and Venus fly trap...

Let me know what you see, because all I seem to see are vegetables and alien insects :D
And those have no meaning :) 
- Bleigiessen - Symbole und Bedeutung
- German NYE Tradition: Bleigiessen (Fortune Telling)
  • Felsen (Rock) :: Viel Arbeit wartet (Much work awaits)
  • Vogel (Swan/Bird) :: Unvorhergesehenes Glück (Unexpected happiness) OR Wunsch nach mehr Freiheit (Desire for more freedom)
  • Gans (Goose) :: Fleiß zahlt sich aus (Hard work pays off)
  • Saxofon (Saxophone) :: Ruhig mal improvisieren (Quiet times improvise?)
  • Außerirdischer (Alien) :: Normal ist langweilig (Normal is boring)
  • Moos (Moss) :: Liebesaffäre (Love affair) OR Viel Geld (A lot of money)
  • Käfer (Beetle) :: Seine Nase in alles stecken (Sticking nose into everything)
  • Katze (Cat) :: Unglücksfall (Accident)


  1. Bleigiessen is really popular in Austria too! :-)
    So, as to your results, I'd say the first batch really looks like miniature veggies. The second one seems to be a swan. And the third ... a saxophone and a fluffy little bird! Stop laughing now :-D this is really how I see those!!

  2. Never seen something like that before! I bet you had loads of fun!
    I consider this stuff pretty scary, anyway I can see a duck and a leek in the 1st picture and a swan like Birgit in the 2nd one....please do let us know their Bedeutung, since your link is auf Deutsch :P

  3. Hi Juanita! This is my first time to encounter Bleigiessen. My imagination is shallow and weird too. The last items look like a saxophone and some rock formation at the beach. haha I told you I'm weird.

  4. Happy New Year!!! I definetely see a saxophone in the last one!!!

  5. I've never heard of this before - but it does look pretty fun! I'd love to try, although I have to admit that my imagination is pretty limited too as to working out what the lead "blobs" actually are.

    Also in regard to your comment on my blog post about my parents farm - I didn't grow up on that farm, as they only bought that property maybe 5 years ago. But I did grown up on a farm that was very similar - if you didn't live in New Zealand you would most likely think where I grew up was quite isolated. We had to drive 10 - 15 mins to the nearest town, you need a car as you can't walk anywhere (well you COULD but it would take ALL DAY) and there is not enough people for any kind of public transport.

  6. Hehehe you must have had fun, Juanita! :D I know Bleigiessen from German tradition, but have never tried it myself.
    Well, let me see... In the first batch I see some snails, a little -- well, uhm, er, can I say that here? -- and a little boat.
    And I definitely see a saxophone in the last picture!

  7. What a bizarre concept that I have never heard of! How fun! xxx

  8. Oh how interesting. I can see vegetables too!!!

  9. Never heard about this before.


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