Saturday, December 15, 2012

Very Inspiring Blogger Award

Very Inspiring Blogger Award

Impressions of a Princess tagged me for a Very Inspiring Blogger Award which I thought was so nice of her.
The rules of this award:
1. Display the award logo on your blog
2. Link back to the person who nominated you.
3. State seven things about yourself.
4. Nominate fifteen other bloggers for this award and link to them.
5. Notify those bloggers of the nomination and the award’s requirements.
Seven things about myself:
1. I crack my knuckles and finger joints.
2. No naps for me. Not since kindergarten, and save for those days of being down with a flu.
3. Dirty toilets bother me. In fact, the toilet situation of places I visit leave a lasting impression.
4. Not sure I trust any man-made aircraft to withstand turbulence. But I'm still here.
5. Omelettes don't like me. They always end up as scrambled eggs or quarter chunks.
6. I play with yarn when I am watching TV. So technically, I listen to TV. Unless it's a movie on.
7. Once a month I turn into a werewolf.

I find myself appreciating blogs that present a genuine person. It will be a difficult task to call out 15 other bloggers, so I will introduce you to these few bloggers that have affected me in a variety of ways.
Having bad eyes is a topic close to my heart. I go to bed every night hoping to wake up with the same vision. How precious is our sense of sight. Lucent Imagery is a beautiful blog by a legally blind photographer. She is a minimalist and huge travel bug, and shows us that we can all see beauty through a tunnel. I share her ideals of keeping the blog "real", but I have not been resilient enough to resist the tidal wave of trying to monetize my blog. Her blog reminds me to stay true to myself. (Another blog spring-clean and makeover is in order.)
Zsazsaszu has become a personal friend of mine. In January 2011, upon returning from Okinawa, I relayed to her in email about seeing a black spot in my vision that would not go away for 2 days. Through her words I tried to stay calm despite learning that I have something unpleasant going on in my eye. That was how I learned that she suffers from having weak retinas, too. Talk about coincidence. With bad eyes and vision, she still devotes herself to her craft.
Even though I don't blog much about cooking, there's still lots of that going on in my tiny kitchen. Explody Full is the kind of cooking blog that makes me happy -- I recognise and relate to how she experiments. And her photographs are really nice, too. Forget self-proclaimed cooking gurus with posed photographs of pretty food and specialised utensils; I find tried-and-tested recipes reliable.
Fondue and Fendant is a nice and rare find. Most blogs show us the world through rose-tinted glasses. I find difficulty buying into that. Life is dysfunctional, and this blog sometimes shows it with her occasional true accounts. Always cleverly written, I leave her blog speechless saying "Wow," and think maybe my life is good after all.
I know how these blog awards are designed to be passed on and on, but I would like to leave that up to them. And please consider yourself tagged, if you read this and would like to share!


  1. Congratulations, Juanita! Well deserved award!!!
    I loved reading your 7 little "secrets", and I can recognize myself in many of them! :)
    Lots of love from a fellow once-a-month werewolf, no-napper and Brillenträger! :)

  2. Well done!!!! I love the listen to TV bit, I think that's what I do!!
    Merry Christmas to you. Kxx

  3. Congratulations, Juanita! The name of this award is very much apt to you, I say! I'm sure everyone agrees. :) I like your seven facts and I'd like you to know that I share the same problem (?) with number 1. Mom is always angry whenever she sees me doing it - my knuckles are becoming bigger! Listening to TV? Now, that's hilarious!

    Be safe with the silver bullet!


  4. about the werewolf ... a new playmate for Fluffy and Pickle every once a month ;-)
    Great post !

  5. Gee, Juanita, congrats to you and thank you, too!

    If I can figure out how to put up an image of the groovy blogger award logo, then I'll certainly share both about me and blogs that I dig.

    Oh, and I loooove cracking my knuckles!

    Merci vielmal!

  6. Well done Juanita - I look forward to exploring those blogs ...:)

  7. Congratulations dear Juanita!!!! You're worth it!!!
    Today I received your gift, thank you so much!!!! I blogged about it :)

  8. Hi Juanita, thank you so much for your kind words, what an honour to be mentioned! It was interesting to learn more about you too. I hope the rest of your festive season lead-up is relaxing, inspiring and food & love filled.

  9. I wish days could have more hours for blogging and discovering new blogs :(
    BTW congrats on your well deserved award!


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