Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Multi-national World-travelling Cats

With the human visas sorted, it was time for the cats. A week before Christmas, Fluffy received his brand new passport*. The first and only member of our family to receive a Swiss passport.

His first reaction to his Swiss passport: One has to bite to see if it was real -- gold or chocolate.

Pickle's European Union passport is good to go, but her expression is saying otherwise.

* Interestingly, Fluffy entered Switzerland with a bunch of crumpled papers; he has no US pet passport.


  1. Oh that's so cool :D
    I wish other small pets could have passports too.

  2. Zoe says 'WOW'!!!! She "only" traveled from Rhodes to her new home in Northern Italy, and she already thought she was a traveling cat! :) We are both sending purrs, hugs and kisses to your two beauties!!! Have a purrfect Christmas! :)
    Anna & Zoe

  3. Merry Christmas Juanita!!! So beautiful cats!!!

  4. This just makes me giggle! Good luck with travelling with your kitties!

  5. haha. I guess since the US doesn't have many boarders to cross we don't get pet passports!

    Safe flying kitties. :)Are they going under your seats?

  6. awww! Kitty passports! How cool! :) xxx


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