Friday, December 7, 2012

Heiliger Bimbam! What a Team

05.12.12 Display practice at Jane's 05.12.12 Display practice at Jane's

When I first read the phrase "Heiliger Bimbam", I thought of it as 'holy bimbam / wow' or something to that extent. Bea over at Fondue and Fendant then told me how this term was derived. This German-English dictionary clarifies it for all of us: Holy Toledo! Holy Cow! Holy Smoke! Holy Sh!t! You get it.

Just a couple of days ago, us three maker-sellers (Jane, Jennie and myself) were over at Jane's for a little display trial, for a feel of how our items will mesh. Heiliger Bimbam, we got to this mock display in under an hour, and the rest of the day was spend socialising and lunching. I say we make a great team.

As Brocki-fanatics, we couldn't help but squeeze in a spontaneous visit to the city's Brocki-Land, too.


  1. What can I say Juanita, you are a natural!
    I can't wait for the day of fun on the 21st.
    Your fellow crafter , Jennie

  2. I love your "mock display"! I love trying out my displays at home too before the big day! The nicest I did was on my boyfriend's kitchen table in Rhodes... :)
    PS: the 3 Js (Juanita, Jane & Jennie) sound like a great trio! ;D

    1. Annuk, this Three J thing did not occur to me (!!!), until a friend told us, and you mentioning it too :)

      We should call ourselves Team J :D

  3. LOL ! You must of had fun and the display really looks inviting.


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