Friday, December 14, 2012

A Little Brief

It was the day of our language centre's B1 test. With ample time before the test, the tutor handed us skinny slips of paper. It was time to write a letter, we were told. I remember grumbling under my breath; letters sometimes feel like tedious essays... Especially when the topic is dry and Oh-I-can't-believe-I-have-to-fake-this Boring.

The B1 test was a fairly big deal -- it was the last day of term, and most of us part ways after this level. As a nice twist, we were to write a letter to someone in the classroom. We drew lots, then were left on our own to scribble a little secret letter.

As much as I was hoping for my mistakes to be polished off before handing it over to my assigned classmate, the teacher shook her head adamantly, saying that she would do no such thing. It was to be left as-is, and I can see why now.

In my rough and literal translation:
Dear Juanita,
How are you? I'm fine. I was pleased to receive your letter.
I appreciate your friendship. You're always laughing and you are kind. You get what I try to say in German. You are intelligent.
Your style of dressing is interesting. Your clothes are untypical, sometimes original. I like that.
I hope you will find a good place in life, or maybe you like to travel a lot?
May all your dreams come true!
Regards, Kasia 
How. Sweet.

To be honest, I don't remember what was written to my recipient. Might have been something about her lange blonde Haare and speaking very good Deutsch. Hmm. I wish I was better with words. Like Kasia.


  1. What a lovely little letter. Sounds like a good test idea - it would feel more real than a 'dear diary' type thing they usually make you do!

  2. How sweet! These are indeed lovely memories! :)

  3. This exercise must have been scary to write, especially when you had to do it right in class. Kasia wrote a really nice letter :) Glad you kept it and wasn't tossed with the others.


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