Wednesday, December 12, 2012

13 Things for 2013?

35, for me, is  a shy 10 months away. (What?!? I know.)
Seeing those Number-before-Number lists floating around on the internet always make me think, what a great idea. This morning, I sat down to come up with my list.

Things, however, did not get off to a good start:
No.1 on my list was 'Make a list of 35 before 35', ending shortly at No.15 with 'Come up with another 20 things to do'...

Clearly, 35 before 35 isn't the list for me. So I scratched out No.1 and No.15...

How about 13 goals for 2013 instead?
  1. Do a photography course.
  2. Do a sewing course.
  3. Do a form of exercise.
  4. Bake a bread a month.
  5. Conquer my fear of NYC Subway.
  6. Re-learn to drive.
  7. Revamp my Etsy store.
  8. Go to the cinema.
  9. Go for a musical.
  10. Meet other Etsy crafters.
  11. Finish my fabric stash: Turn them into clothes.
  12. Downsize wardrobe to 100 pieces of clothing.
  13. Live with less.
Nothing too fancy or theatrical; I like small, achievable and realistic goals. Much like baby steps. Unlike driving in the city, or brushing Fluffy, for example. Those would be highly unrealistic -- much like saying 'don't grow old and wrinkly', which is inevitable. Also, to aim to lose weight or eat healthy will never work too, because I am too weak.

There! I'm ready for the New Year. Or am I?



  1. Excellent way to challenge yourself, Juanita! #12 and #13 really resonate with me.

    You could 'virually' meet a dear friend of mine from back home who is a jewelry maker, writer, musician, and has a home on Etsy. Her name is Cori and she's a dab hand at most everything she tries!

  2. That's a nice set of targets, young lady ;)

    I wonder how big my wardrobe is? I really have no idea and I find the concept very interesting - a challenge I may take up from you!

  3. Oh I want to do this also. Would no 1 and 2 be possible if/when you go to Princeton? The courses would be in English!

    Bread a month, yeah you should do that one again. Let's go to the cinema when I come over.. one last time in Zurich maybe?

    I can totally see you living with less and making your own clothes, hey, you're doing a great job already :D And good luck with driving.. I don't think I can manage driving on the right side without lessons.

  4. I am sure you will accomplish everything on this list :)

  5. I LOVED this, Juanita! :) I love setting little, realistic targets too... as you said, like baby steps.

  6. Hi Juanita! If I may suggest, you can extend your 13 on 2013 to a linky party :) You can invite fellow bloggers to have their own list too and before 2013 ends, we can share what we have accomplished :)

  7. Yay, what a clever blogger is Diane Writes :)
    Thinking about the whole year is a bit much for me :), my goal for January is to have some legs massages, they get very swollen and aching in the evening :( ...maybe some gym too :(


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