Sunday, November 25, 2012

Ombre Sleeve cardigan

That 'before' version took me 5 weeks to knit. I was very disappointed with the baggy and 'loose skin' effect (picked up the wrong number of stitches), so I unravelled the curved border edging, and spent another few days reworking it. This time, I crochet instead, and kept the border shorter, since my neck feels irritated with the wool.

As you already know, I like gathering random balls of yarn. But enough of colour-blocked sweaters -- this time, I wanted ombre sleeves. The slight ombre effect was done by drafting intarsia pattern for 8 rows, then knitting double-strand (purple and white) for a further 4 rows. Not sure if it was successful. Maybe if you look from far... What do you think?

What I like about this cardigan is the wool: the natural and undyed colours with a token purple. Not visible in the pictures, but you can see strands of dark hairs interspersed among the white fibers. Also, the creamy white border is undyed wool.

I may add a button closure... If I stop procrastinating!

+ Original knitting pattern:
+ 5 skeins of wool used: 1 Purple and 1 undyed wool from; 3 balls of natural undyed wool, thrifted from Brocki-Land.


  1. It's GORGEOUS, Juanita!!!! I loved the "before" version too, but now it's "easier" to wear and truly amazing!

  2. Gosh !! You knitted it ? Its super.. psst.. the purple color you have used is my favourite ..

  3. I'm speechless too, so much work and twice! Amazing! I love both versions!:)


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