Saturday, November 10, 2012

Living With Less: Wardrobe Downsize Phase 2

What they say about whatever you eat while travelling / on holiday does not count? Lies. My little wardrobe was once again filled up with field-work gear and a few impulse-purchases from a trip to Asia in the middle of the year. My girth had once again expanded.

The second review of my wardrobe I now call Phase 2 went a little easier. With Phase 1's If-it-does-not-fit momentum already set in place, there were a few bonus criteria that helped in editing the wardrobe:
  • Fit. Does any bulge show? Go away for making me look bad. Is this piece special?
  • Mileage. Was it worn this year, or last year even? Will I wear it next year?
  • Specialty. Can I buy this off the rack somewhere else? Did I make it? Will I make a better one?
And speaking of making clothes... I have also started decluttering my fabric stash. 

Very ironically, I seem to be decluttering the wardrobe only to reclutter it with things that I made.
This certainly means there will be a Phase 3.

You must wonder why I don't just skip these in-between Phases and go straight to Final Phase? I must enjoy learning things the hard way. And really, what makes it the Final Phase?


  1. Your girth has been expanding as well? It seems we share those little creatures that sew out clothes smaller at night ;-) but joking aside - personally I have less trouble decluttering garments that just don't fit anymore, but the "mileage" factor is a bit tougher as I always think I will be wearing particular (never worn, most of the time) things the following year which of course rarely happens *sigh*.

    P.S.: I had to smile about your "wardrobe reclutter" pic!!

  2. De-cluttering! I'm so bad at this - I can appreciate this. Whenever I try to de-clutter I usually end up with more stuff.

  3. Hehehe Juanita, can I hire you as my "decluttering consultant"? ;D

  4. very interesting post! would you like to follow each other? let me know!

  5. I love having a little steaky beak at peoples wardrobes. I dont think my wardrobe will ever be perfect its always a work in progress, I kind of like that though, it shows our ever evolving style. I really want to make my own clothes! Am considering asking for a sewing machine for christmas.

  6. Thank you for following and your lovely comment!

  7. You're doing GREAT! I've been trying so hard to declutter but now I've decided to take a break to work on holiday crafting and sewing! Sweet hugs!

  8. Yay phase 2! I think sometimes you have to go through phases and go through your wardrobe over and over again. I go through mine a few times a year and reevaluate after each season on what worked, what I haven't worn etc. I'm enjoying this series!

  9. Yeah to phase 2! Although doesn't the "after" picture look like the "before" picture albeit tidier? Joke aside, I see what you mean by "Does any bulge show?". I had a wardrobe declutter before Baby Suisse and will need a new one soon. In the mean tme, I am off to buy slightly larger trousers :-(

  10. great post! De-cluttering closets is a must for me a few times a year to make more room for new items and easier to locate my forgotten items.

    Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving a sweet comment. Following you back :)

  11. My eyes are a bit tired now..but really no difference at all in quantity! You're cheating LOL!


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