Monday, November 19, 2012

Living With Less: De-own, and Digitise

19.Nov.12 De-owned those books!

As I tackle getting rid of those Deutsch books and papers, this article could not have come at a better time... Last Friday, when I shoved that huge stack of papers into the shopping bag, it dawned on me that that was months and days and hours of stress and learning, all packed into a shopping bag. And then I got sentimental.

Can I just hang on to them for a little longer? But who will benefit from all these papers? I am quite confident that I am not going to need them in the future.

Oh, and to answer some of your questions: No, my German is not in top-fit, tip-top form. You can say that I have given up. But not in a bad 'Grr! I give up!' defeated manner. More a 'Ha, I've reached my target' kind of give up. My target was to finish B1, sit for the exam and come out in one piece, alive. Still here, thankfully.

This morning, the many kilos worth of books have been sent on their way to an interested friend, by way of The Hubs. (Friend's boyfriend and The Hubs work in the same department. That's how we met. Also, I thought it was best the guys do all the heavylifting.)

De-owning is great. My friend is going to enjoy these textbooks!
As for the many, many invested hours of homework, I will be spending this week digitising a selection of 40 25 modules with my trusty scanner, before they head for the recycling truck.
PDFs, anyone? :)


  1. Hi Juanita! Thank for following my blog. It made me happy :)

    I have a love and hate relationship with "de-owning." For some reason, I'm a sentimental person and I refuse to let go of some things that remind me of my milestones and those significant events. At some point however, removing and giving my away my things give me a feeling that part of me is unloaded with all those heavy baggage (literally and figuratively) LOL

    Have a great week Juanita!

  2. I know the feeling, I had such a hard time throwing out all my study notes, I think its because it is a physical and tangible expression of how hard you have worked!

  3. Good that someone else will use those books! :) That's one good thing about decluttering... making your stuff useful again!
    I can really relate to Diane's comment :)
    By the way... well done on B1, Juanita!!! I VERY seldom get students who tackle that level... most get stuck at A1/A2! :)

  4. PS: THANK YOU for sharing that link... it's gonna help me a lot too! :)

  5. Hey... good on you for reaching your target!

  6. I truly hate digitising papers at work..yuck! But then I'm grateful when PDFs become helpful with time :)

  7. i know this feeling. When i wrote up my phd i kept all the drafts (i think the pile came up to my waist! after my viva it all went in the recycling, an odd feeling!


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