Sunday, November 4, 2012

Living With Less: Wardrobe Downsize Phase 1

When I see homes of couples with the entire bedroom closet, spanning the wall, devoted to just one person, it makes me think, 'Wow'. Hubs and I each have a 2-door, 2-drawer IKEA wardrobe. Earlier this year, I started to feel the clutter.

Most clothes were not fitting me, and they were from the 20-something-year-old Me. Truthfully, I also felt the need to start dressing my age. Plus, I eat like a teenager and will not exercise.

April this year saw Phase 1 of the wardrobe downsize.
Nerdy me needed a record. The target, too, was to see if I could make it down to 150 pieces, excluding under-garments and coats and jackets.

That first step of parting with pieces of clothing was difficult. For one, there were pieces I've kept for sentimental reason. Secondly, they are in perfectly great shape, and for some, I've only worn it once! Thirdly, where will they end up? But it had to be done, and thankfully, there are donation and recycling bins for textile and clothing.

In reviewing the clothing, the obvious first question was to ask, 'Does it still fit?'
If it didn't fit, it definitely won't tomorrow, next month, or the mid-30's Me next year.


  1. So I'm not the only one who made a list to see the "damage" I did during one too many sales *sigh*. I might not be down to 150 pieces, but getting there ... slowly. And you're right, even if you think you'll loose those five pounds, fact is, you won't so why keep those pants that only make your face go blue when you try them on?

  2. Good to know! :) I think that decluttering and going down to the essentials is very good for the mind and for having a sense of order and clearness... regardless of space problems. I don't have that many clothes, but my "problem" is the many many other bobs and things I have collected over the years... and I wish I'd find the energy to declutter... it makes life so much easier not to have too much "stuff" -- and I always see that on trips... I feel so much "lighter"!
    Have a lovely Sunday, Juanita! :)

  3. Oooh I think you knew I was going to love this post!! Can't wait to see phase 2.

  4. I'm starting to change the way I dress to suit my age too. I'm now favouring anything with sleeves - coverup for wobbly arms!

  5. I recently cleaned out my closet due to weight loss and style change. I've been so inspired by "New Girl" and I finally feel like I have a "sense" of style. I always felt my closet lacked direction... now there's a direction and I refuse to buy anything that doesn't match or make sense. I usually go for sequins and craziness but then I never wear it. Time to readjust the way I shop!

    Kristen Nicole

  6. I don't think I've ever owned 150 pieces in my wardrobe, well surely since I've started earning my own money :)


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