Monday, November 12, 2012

I Hate-Read Blogs

I hate-read.

I hate-read popular blogs. When I grow up, I want to be like you.

I hate-read fashion blogs. It makes me wonder if you stopped yourself from eating a little more. I also wonder how large your closet is. You are brave -- I will never, ever, see myself doing what you do.

I hate-read beauty blogs. I wish I didn't have eczema and monolids for eyes. But I am inspired to try out "eye-opening" make-up application techniques, and be amazed at the transformations cosmetics can do to one's face. It's literally painting a mask on. Wow.

I hate-read travel blogs. Because, I wish I was as loaded as you are. But then again, all I need is to look out my window, or open my digital photo albums.

I hate-read cooking blogs. I wish I had more than one stomach (and did not restrict my diet), or had all the fancy cookware you possess. But you remind me that a small kitchen takes less to clean.

I hate-read design blogs. I wish I had your talent. Did going to art school help? Do you suffer for your art? Should I think about courses?

I hate-read sewing blogs. I wish to have all the patience and skills you possess. And those expensive machines, too. But I realise, a machine that sews a straight line is all I need. And practice. Will you come teach me?

I hate-read vintage collectors. I wonder what you do with all those... things. Good on you for not buying brand new, and I wish I had storage like you do.

I hate-read smart-alecky people, too. Thank you for making me feel inadequate.

Stealing some clever words from this nice article:
When I finally walk away from my computer, I feel like I've just binged on a butter-sogged bag of popcorn before the movie even started: I'm slightly nauseated, but still can't help licking my fingers for more fatty flavor. 
I don't hate-read anything that I actually hate. I just hate-read stuff that I find stupid or annoying. Perhaps it would be more productive to spend my time fuming over content that actually inspires me to speak out against it...
- Katie J.M. Baker, The Art of Hate-Reading

Do you hate-read too?


  1. I have to admit I'm guilty of this too :O I often feel jealous of all the spare time that people seem to have to make stuff - I think I mostly hate read craft-sewing bloggers that seem to have so much time to devote to that kind of thing, when I come home exhausted and I just want to sleep!

  2. Aaawwww... I send you big hugs!! heheehe

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  4. I really really love this post! I think the one I am most guilty of is hate-read because I am jealous, its so bad, I hate jealousy. I am jealous that some fashion bloggers have boyfriends who are happy to take their photo everyday (Brendan hates it my best friend is the tripod), who can afford expensive clothes and are really nice people!!! I also follow some blogs that just outright annoy me but its like a trainwreck I just cant stop following. Thanks for the food for thought!

  5. Im guilty too. I have MAJOR issues with all the lucky bloggers who have a craft room. It's not nice and it's not pretty but I am JEALOUS! XX

  6. Great points, Juanita!!!! :D

  7. Funny stuff! I didn't know that the term 'hate-read' existed. I don't know if I do do that, but I do feel sometimes that I wish I could sew, or I wish I could write well, or I wish I could design furniture, or what have you, when I read some of the really kick-ass blogs out there.

  8. Ha! Just starting writing a reply about the type of blog posts I hate-read (the 'just follow your dreams' type posts, you know the ones) but it turned into a massive rant/downer so I'll restrain myself! :)

  9. awww that is such an awesome post!! thanks for sharing hun :)

  10. Baaahahah, I love it. Yes, I hate-read...pretty much everything. ;)

    Followin' back, woman!

  11. I'm proud that my humble blog doesn't stick into anyone of these categories :D

  12. I wouldn't say hate-read, I'd say inspire-read...much stuff does that...but yeah it is frustrating too but it is something to strive for I guess! :) xxx

  13. Hahaa you really hate a lot of things but sometimes I think I wanna have that to or wish I´d live somewhere else <3


  14. I totally hate-read blogs!! Spot-on my dear!


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