Thursday, November 29, 2012

Find Me a Brown Paper Bag, Please

Do you know what is the one thing I have trouble finding here? A simple, brown, uncomplicated paper bag. I have searched all possible stationery shops and hobby sections of DIY stores. Nothing. Not even a white paper bag. This is made worse by the festive season with all the gaudy prints of all things glittery. And you know what, they cost an arm and leg each.

Frustrated by the lack of options here, I grabbed my roll of brown paper, some glue, and ribbon yarn. With these simple paper-bag-making supplies, I made us 11 paper bags, and although they each differ slightly from the other, one can fit my largest handmade bag.

It took a grand total of 2 hours to make these paper bags. The biggest bonus is, I get to put my signature on them. Both sides.

Why do I need a paper bag? I have high hopes of making a sale in an upcoming Christmas market. Am I being too optimistic? I think I am.

Now, should I charge a customer for a paper bag, like the supermarkets here do? :D


  1. I love your DIY paper bags, Juanita! And your signature gives that extra, personal touch! Pickle looks very approving too! :)

  2. Oooh, I love these Juanita - well done for solving the "problem" yourself and coming up with something so pretty...

  3. Sometimes the simplest things are the hardest to find... same problem here! I took too many time until I found a place where to buy some simple and perfect brown paper bags for a nice price :) and some things I need to pack my creations I still buy online, because I can't find them anywhere around here...
    Anyway, Pickle seems to like your new personalized bags and so do I ;)
    Good luck with your Christmas market!

  4. Your bags look so good, I hope you can fill them with the goodies you are selling. Do you have much snow today?
    Sarah x

  5. Groovy bags! I have to say that I love a good, sturdy, brown bag as well.

  6. Pickle is gorgeous again !
    I do hope all appreceate the work you have done in making these
    great bags !

  7. I love when my shopping comes into a precious paper bag, as I use to store them for very special occasions. So will do your customers :)


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