Tuesday, November 27, 2012

At the Car Wash. Dietlikon / Wallisellen Car Clean Center.

24.11.12 Car Wash 24.11.12 Car Wash

This might not be exciting for you, but it was fun for us. A little memento from our first time at a self-car-wash. I had the responsibility of translating, figuring out how to get tokens, and to say 'ready, set, go', while the Hubs took care of the nozzles and did the dirty work.

We have to admit, there was something fun about those high-pressure sprays... Bye bye stubborn mud cakes and spatter.

One CHF = one minute, i.e. 1 CHF gets you 1 token to run for 1 minute with a select programme. The programmes included pre-rinse, high-pressure spray with soap, brush, an 'end rinse' (something I made up), for example.

We used a total of 4 tokens -- the good thing about a small vehicle.

+ CCC Car Clean Center AG Widenholzstrasse 7 CH-8304 Wallisellen


  1. oh gosh my little car is so dirty - it needs a high pressure spray!

    1. Don't stand too close or you'll get wet :D

  2. Hehehe sounds like you had fun! ;)

  3. After practicing for several times, I've managed to reduce the price to 2/3 tokens (1 token = € 0,50)..shame I've not figured out how to avoid a shower yet :)

  4. I loved washing my car. I actually love cleaning and washing everything, I like the feeling I get from clean things. I currently can't use my car because it needs to be fixed, it's old and broken, but I am waiting for better times!!

  5. Yes! there is something very satisfying about watching the high pressure jets of water wash all the dirt and mud off.

  6. Oh Juanita love the way you look at things and have fun with them !
    You look at the bright side of life !


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