Friday, October 5, 2012

You Don't Live in My Computer Anymore


I often think about all of you that live in my computer... Usernames and profile pictures that I have grown to know you by. Sometimes, almost like magic, you appear in the flesh. You are real!

To me, blogging has made the world a smaller and nicer place. On a rare few occasions, when I get to travel to some place in the world, I like the idea of calling up on you. I am happy for having met you in the flesh. If not, why haven't we?

Very often, I question my purpose of blogging. The scene has changed so much. For a while I avoided anything personal... Even tried to make it into a marketing tool, but that got extremely dry and boring very quickly. In bad mood, I often felt the urge to pull the plug. But that's when I think about you.

My motivation behind keeping this blog, is to connect with real people and friends. That, I realise now. Just like the good old days of 2004, and why I started a blog. Except, you all are new friends now, and we oftentimes have something in common. And it's not just blogging.


  1. Yes, my purpose for bloggging has definitely evolved. I'm much more open to meeting bloggers in the flesh now, whereas I would shy away in the past. And I feel like I've made some very lovely blogger friends too.

  2. I only started blogging after I moved out of my home state. It's been a good way for me to vent a bit about things, but also it's become a way for me to engage with others and read of their lives/interests/what-not. I'm grateful for that!

  3. If your ever in the vicinity of Chicago we will meet again. Do you think Chicago can create a giant forest with Gorillas in the next few months. ;) Maybe I'll even see you in Zurich one day again. I enjoy the connection with those outside of my normal day to day life.

  4. What a lovely post! :)
    I LOVE blogging and the connections it creates... One of the most wonderful, amazing things was Zoe's Kitty Party!!! I (we) got to meet so many wonderful cat moms, and many lovely friendships developed! You are so right... it's so much more than names and nicknames living in the computer!

  5. I live in your phone indeed! LOL!
    I'm so happy I joined the bloggy world and got to meet some amazing people, virtually and especially in person <3
    The thing that shocks me most is that I'm not even a crafter and do not have anything interesting to share with them...they just consider me as person (and so do I), no personal interests hide behind this, as it happens very often in real life.

  6. I can't imagine being without my bloggy friends, some I have known for almost as long as I have blogged, and some are fairly new. But they are all as real to me as if they lived across the road. Some I have met, some I am hoping to meet one day, and some I know I won't meet in the flesh, because they live on the other side of the world, but thats what skyping is for, woohoo! Almost as good as being in the room together for real. And you have been one of my bloggy friends for a long time now. I won that lovely giveaway of yours years ago, you remember?
    Oh, and Michela, you silly, you don't need to be a crafter to have an interesting blog, your beautiful photographs of Italy and your garden flowers are enough to keep me happy! And you ARE a lovely person, yep.

  7. Lovely. I find it really hard to do the promotional side for my shop too because it feels dry and harrassing! And I don't really like other things like twitter. For me, my blog too is a wonderful place for creativity, reflection and meeting such wonderful, interesting, inspiring people. Some I've been lucky enough to meet in person and call very close friends. Others I'm yet to meet and yet still count as close friends.


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