Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Sheep Passing! Make Way Please

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In our usual Sunday walk, over the last weekend, we stopped in our tracks to make way for some passing sheep. So many, so cute.

The alpacas next to us were curious and looked completely confused! :D


  1. Back home after spending their Summer at the mountain pasture!
    Here they're always around at Easter time, so before taking their healthy holiday..not sure if tiny lambs can reach the mountains though ..probably they go straight on into the oven :(
    Love the last shot, very Autumny!

  2. Lovely livestock!

    The sheep in our area are all fitted with bells. At dinner time they're like a symphony. :)

  3. Where we live in France its herds of cows rather than sheep. Most of the time WITH the farmer, but quite often we get a few that have escaped and are enjoying their freedom on the other side of the fence.

  4. I've seen sheeping crossing once here! It's really cute, Wish I'd taken photos

  5. Oh this is so sweet, I love little sheepies. Brendans family have sheep and I always get excited when the little lambs are born :)

  6. What a special moment! We love those alpacas and we tried to catch their attention the other night by humming and whistling different tunes. They could not have cared less though ;-)

  7. Schönes Landleben :) Haben die Alpakas nicht gerade Babies gekriegt?

    lg Sandra


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