Monday, October 22, 2012

Rösti Raclette from Scratch

My neighbour and I were talking about raclette and rösti the day before my birthday, so, as a treat, we were to make that for dinner.

Neighbour S said that she had always made rösti with grated raw potatoes. I, on the other hand, only bought the ready-to-cook packets, that lent the impression that they were boiled or pre-cooked. That called for a Kitchen Experiment: we shall make rösti from boiled potatoes.

By the way, I like how the supermarkets inform you of the specific use for each type of potato.

We had a late start that evening, so we were grating really hot potatoes. Lots of uff-ing and gah-ing. The potatoes were boiled to almost fork-tender. As you can imagine, boiled potatoes were easier to grate, but we ran the risk of getting mashed potatoes if handled too much. Since the potatoes were already cooked, it meant we only needed to crisp them up. With lots and lots of oil.

Something else new to me that night, was how we didn't need to press the frying potatoes. These loose clumps of fried potatoes work just as well. And oh, those fried onions... Mmm. Can't go wrong with potatoes, onion, and cheese. And if you're up for it, you can man-up your rösti-raclette with bacon.


  1. Almost lunchtime here, and guess what? I am drooling now just thinking about Roesti, and seeing them all crispy and cheesy and manned up is just too much for poor little me. I need food!!!

  2. YUMMY!!!!!!!! I'll go for the original version, I loooove cheese, plus I'm a veggie, so no bacon for me! ;)

  3. Man version without onion for me, please!!!

  4. Sounds like proper winter comfort food - delicious!!! xxx

  5. omg I never made it this way, but hell, they will be happy here at home when I try this :-))))

  6. Hi Juanita
    How weird, but I made my first Rösti from scratch on this very evening too! Mind you I have been here for 11 years, so it was about time. I cooked the potatoes in their skins first and left them to cool before peeling and grating, but I think the trick is to leave them until the next day before you peel and grate them. They then become a bit waxy and are easier to grate. Mine were a bit mushy but it all turned out fine. Bacon would have been a good idea though....
    Here's to the next Rösti, with bacon and onion, maybe cheese and topped with a lightly fried egg!!
    En guete!!

  7. That looks so delicious I could eat some right now!
    Sarah x


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