Friday, October 26, 2012

Remembering Amber

Today, we say goodbye to our old friend, Amber.

Some days ago, the discovery and diagnosis of splenic mass (tumours of the spleen) was a little too late. She started to bleed internally.

Amber entered our lives in 2000 as a young dog.
My parents had a knack for finding and bringing home lost dogs. I remember that afternoon where my father got word that a pet shop he knew had a dog that nobody claimed. We drove over to see the dog. It was a scrawny golden retriever, and a young one. At that point, there was Lucky - that scruffy, smelly and messy ShihTzu - that my parents recently took home, but my father was sure he wanted this goldie. For once, I agreed to this decision too.

I remember being excited when the young dog jumped into the car with us. I was also given the task of naming this dog. Naming the dog was not difficult at all. Amber, it had to be. The name 'Amber' was not original at all. It was a year earlier, when I visited a friend's home in the UK: the family dog was this gentle old Lab/Retriever named Amber. She had the signature position of resting her head and just-that-one-paw on the person next to her. She was a sweet dog.

Our Amber, Burbur, or Bur for short, used to fight sleeping space with me on a single-sized mattress. She was overweight, and probably weighed more than I did at that time. How I had to run into the room before her to get the space before she did... I always, always lost. That dog... Oh the snores and farts and twitches.

She was an odd swimmer, too. At the beach, Amber would rush out to the shore, dig her muzzle and chest into the wet sand and call that a good swim. That funny dog...

Hardest hit by this piece of sad news is my sister.
When I got married and moved out of home, Amber (and Lucky) became my sister's charges. Did she teach Amber loads and loads of tricks and showered them with the best dog beds and best pet care available. The dogs were her babies...

I remember how, in my last trip to Singapore last month, my mum had told me Amber was getting on with age and she wasn't mobile due to arthritis. I needed to see and pet my old pal once again, just for one minute. So, there we stood at the door of the house, not expecting the dog to show up after calling out her name. She did. She brought smiles to our faces.

Goodbye Amber. You are a really good dog and friend.


  1. Amber looks like such a sweetie. Thank you for sharing pictures of her. :)

  2. You have wonderful memories of Amber, and that is important, she will always be alive in your heart. I still miss our first two dogs, Harry and Bobbie so much, even though we now have Hector and Poppy and love them so very much. Big hugs to you, xxx

  3. Oh Juanita, I'm so very sorry to hear about sweet Amber's loss! This is such sad news... and I can imagine how hard this must be for you all, and especially for your sister. Amber will always be missed and remembered. What a sweet, beautiful girl she was...
    Run free on the Bridge, sweet angel!


  4. Oh...I'm so sorry, you get so close to your pets and it is so hard to let them go...but just remember you gave them the best life that they could have...not all animals are so lucky. The rewards were great for both of you xxx

  5. Sorry dear! Is so sad to lost a loved pet that gave us so much... hugs

  6. Enjoy the beach Amber over the rainbow bridge. :(

  7. awwh.. i'm so sorry for your lost. she looks like such a great dog, and an amazing friend too.

  8. Such sad news, R.I.P. Amber.
    Pets are the best friends ever, sending you and your sister a big virtual hug.

  9. RIP little Amber.
    I am sure she had a perfect doggie life full of love given and received.

  10. A lovely post for what sounds like a lovely dog. So sad for your family, but at least they have a (dogs) lifetime of happy memories...

  11. Oh, I am so sorry for this. You know I just went through the same thing. It is always so sad and a pain that people without pets can't understand. They give unconditional love...They are probably running free together now. I really believe there is a paradise for pets. Hugs to you.

  12. Sorry to hear about Amber. She sounds like an awesome dog.

  13. ugh, so sorry. It's always so very hard to lose a pet. We had to put our sweet dog Abby down 2 years ago, and I hated it. And now we have 2 dogs that I adore, but I worry about them also. I'm sorry for your family's loss, it's never easy


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