Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Munich Day 3, 09 Oct 2012

That Tuesday was as dark and wet as the forecast had predicted. Was I glad about the good weather we had the day before. Kathleen and I took it easy that day, and it was indeed just the best day to hangout and hideout in cafes and indoor places. We started the cold day with an early lunch!

I was happy to see one of my bags being used, and seeing how much more it could store than I had imagined.
The downside to that day was: my hastily-strung necklace of yak bone beads decided to break while I was standing in line at the cafe, spilling all over the busy place. What a scene it was... Kathleen and I took turns to look for the beads in the cafe. No one else seemed to react to our strange behaviour of staring at their feet... And at the end of the day, we managed to retrieve 48 out of 50 beads. Not too bad.

We also went to the Olympiapark, despite the rain. This was constructed for the 1972 Summer Olympics. Something before my time. (That makes me feel less old :D)

With the Olympiapark said and done, the rain didn't let up, so we made the wise decision to head for Kathleen's home, arming ourselves with cakes. (To be honest, I was tempted by the promise of fabrics that Kathleen set aside for me while destashing... ) I had an Apfelschnecken that was good... A sugary doughnut or cinnamon roll with apple bits, and that went well with the Earl Grey tea that Kathleen served us. 

Kathleen and I share some things in common, and not just the taste for sushi, cakes and Earl Grey. We have little online shops, and originate from the same country... And little did we know that we went to the same junior college, missing each other by 2 years. Small world!


  1. Lovely photos, despite the grey weather! :) Shame about the necklace though, such typical timing too...

  2. Yak beads everywhere! :D

    I haven't been to Munich in about 15 years, and have always remembered the trip fondly. The pictures you've posted are fun!

  3. Hello you - how are you? Lovely to hear from you again. XX

  4. You're far too behind in telling us your adventures!
    OMG..that Apfelschnecken...swoooooooooon!!!!!

  5. Lovely day for two lovely girls! :)
    Thanks for sharing the happy memories! Munich is indeed a lovely city! (and I'm half Bavarian, did you know that?? ;))
    That bag is AMAZING, Juanita!!!!! So happy, girlie and colorful!

  6. Yum that curry looks so good! And what a dreamy view of the gray skies!


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