Monday, October 15, 2012

Munich Day 1, 07 Oct 2012

07.10.12 07.10.12
07.10.12 Dachau
Last Sunday, Hubs and I drove to Munich. It took us less than 3-and-a-half hours, door to door. Arriving the hotel before 11:30AM, we decided to head to Dachau, which was less than a 30-Minute drive from the city centre.

07.10.12 Munich IMG_3602_edited IMG_3625_edited IMG_3629_edited 07.10.12 Munich IMG_3631_edited 07.10.12 Munich
Our time in Dachau was dark, cold and very, very wet. That definitely added to the mood to that sombre place.

The storm let up as we left Dachau, and seeing that we still had the afternoon, we made our way to Munich's city centre for a walk and early dinner. There was a convenient multi-storey carpark in the city -- Parkhaus am Hofbräuhaus. And as its name suggests, we were close to the famous Hofbräuhaus.

No Oktoberfest for us though, but we did witness the last few Oktoberfest-fun-seekers and tourists all decked out in their Dirndls, Lederhosen, and hats.

This was Day 1. What could Days 2 and 3 entail?


  1. Oh how I wish Munich was a three hour drive from my house! Two of my best friends were in Germany for Octoberfest it looked like they had so much fun.
    Cannot wait to see more of your trip :)

  2. where is the head or tail of this fluffy model in it's 'wheelchair' :-)

  3. What a cheeky fountain!
    Poor little doggie :(


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