Friday, October 19, 2012

Not A Paid Ad: Hotel Garni Thalmeier, Gilching, Munich

Our stay in Munich earlier this month was with Hotel Garni Thalmeier. Located a stone's throw away from the Neugilching train station, the S-Bahn (S8) took me right into the city centre in 30 minutes. Easy peasy!

It is a family-run hotel, so the reception desk was closed on the Sunday that we arrived. On the mailbox were contact numbers we could call, to check ourselves in. They were expecting us! The staff on the line then told us the secret hiding place to the room keys. That was fun. Our hidden keys came attached to a note which led to more clues and tips. I like finding little notes...

Passing our first test, we unlocked the main door, and peeped into the pitch dark entrance. All of a sudden, we found ourselves whispering and tip-toeing around to find the light switch.

At the reception door was the list of all the guests that were putting up in the hotel, and who was taking which Zimmer. Our room was really cozy and it did feel like a home-stay in a quiet residential neighbourhood. Even though the guest list was full, we didn't hear a sound.

The morning was very much different, though. We were greeted by the hotel staff, the kitchen was busy, and the breakfast spread was inviting.

I would say this would be an ideal hotel for you, if you are not interested in the city. It worked out well for us, being used to commuting from Maur to Zurich.

Neugilching train station
Now, on to my other activities in Munich!


  1. It looks so cozy and lovely!
    I love family-run hotels!

  2. PS: I forgot to say that I loved the clues and hidden key... The owner of the little pension I'm always staying at when I'm on Symi, Greece, always leaves me the key right in the door, and one time I even left the payment on the bed upon leaving... Small island life and atmosphere... so charming! :)

  3. Hi Juanita
    What an interesting post! Makes a change from going for the safe option - a chain hotel in the city center. When we stayed in Vienna earlier this year, we took an apartment in an old building which had been renovated. The apartments there belonged to a hotel and if you wanted to reach them you could Skype them from a laptop under the main stairs....not that we needed anything, but a good idea, as it saved on having a manned/womanned reception in the apartment building. Just saying..

  4. You've certainly been out and about!!! xxx

  5. How much did they pay you for this nice review?! :P
    That breakfast buffet reminds me of the one I had to set each morning when I worked as a my early 20s...many moons ago...

    1. ZERO dollars. I had to pay for my stay.


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