Saturday, October 27, 2012

Host a JuanitaTortilla-Sponsored Giveaway

JuanitaTortilla is looking for 4 friends who would like to host a JuanitaTortilla giveaway on their blog. There are 4 sets for you to choose from: Blue, Green, Purple or Terra cotta.

As a JuanitaTortilla giveaway host, you will:
- get more traffic and readers to your blog
- be invited to a 25% discount for your purchase at my store,
- have a link on the JuanitaTortilla Sponsor page

How-To / The fun and easy "rules of engagement":
- run the JuanitaTortilla giveaway for 7 days in November (any 7-day period; you choose)
- images for the giveaway will be provided by JuanitaTortilla
- display a JuanitaTortilla button on your blog (available here) as a sponsor
- qualified winner(s) will be selected by JuanitaTortilla
Giveaway participants shall leave 1 separate comment for:
1- naming a favourite item from the JuanitaTortilla store;
2- following the blog,;
3- liking the JuanitaTortilla facebook page;
4- tweeting about the giveaway!
Sounds good?
Email me at juanita [at] Looking forward to hearing from you.

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  1. I definitely want to do this girlfriend! I'll write you next week when we can talk more about it! Sweet hugs!


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