Monday, October 1, 2012

Creativa 2012

27.09.12 Creativa Mosaic 1 27.09.12 Creativa Mosaic 2 27.09.12 Creativa Mosaic 3 27.09.12 Creativa Mosaic 4 27.09.12 Creativa Mosaic 5 27.09.12 Creativa Mosaic 6 27.09.12 Creativa Mosaic 7

Last week, I visited Creativa with my neighbour and Baby J, and these were what caught my eye.
Shabby chic decor is slowly creeping its way into the scene, and that was refreshing to see, among the usual art-and-craft staples of patchwork, knitting, painting, and beading.

We were there in the afternoon on Creativa's first day of event, and it certainly was crowded. I even walked home with beads*, in the heat of the moment :D

It was also Baby J's first pram ride on a tram. These older trams are challenging when it comes to lifting the 20-kilo baby SUV pram up and down the tram's steps.

Thank you organisers, for the tickets! Creativa was an interesting event that kept a crafter like myself entertained. Moms and children, too. Did you visit Züspa or Creativa?

*I am supposed to quit this hobby, aren't I...


  1. I saw it was on last week but I didn't have anyone to go with and felt to shy with my non-existant Swiss German to go on my own...oh well, that's money I haven't spent then :-)

  2. What's crafty about pigs and goats?!
    We have the biggest Italian crafty fair taking place this month (80 km from here), all about quilts, beading, knitting, etc.., but a day is not enough for visiting.
    Have a good week!

  3. It looks like a great event! And... I'm glad about the beads! ;D

  4. GOATS! Eeeek, so exciting.

    I hear you about the baby strollers. My sister and I took her baby to the zoo and public transportation is much different with a baby.

  5. Hi Juanita
    I went too! But on the last day with my daughter and my Aunt and Uncle who are over visiting me at the mo. We all had a great time and were exhausted afterwards, just from all that looking and admiring....
    Made in Suisse - next time you're coming with me and Juanita....

  6. I went to Züspa all the way back in 2010. o.o

    haha at the baby SUV!


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