Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Pumpkin Time of the Year

21.09.12 IMG_3203

It's that time of the year again for pumpkins!

This is a local farmer's shop in our neighbourhood. Ashamed to say this, but I only visit it once a year; their display of large pumpkins, this time of year, is the signal for me to go take a peek.

They also offer free-range eggs, corn / maize, apples and pears, and their related products such as dried apples / pears... and did I see schnapps? I will need another visit to confirm this :)


  1. Again the purr-fect shot!
    Such an amazing display!
    Thank you for cheering me up in this very dark and stormy afternoon...I'm a bit scared :)

  2. I just made some pumpkinsoup with a twist of curry .. njam njam !

  3. WOW... pumpkins pumpkins PUMPKINS!!!!
    And that black kitty looks so sweet! A perfect "advertisment" for Halloween gourds and pumpkins! ;D

  4. I love pumpkins! Who doesn't really?! :) xxx

  5. Love the squash cat! I'm also glad to know that I can buy a gourd or two 'round these parts when the season beckons. :)

  6. One of my favourite time of year with all the pumpkins being sold at the side of the road. Try a trip to Juckerfarm near Uster for their annual pumpkin show...we went last weekend and it was great! DO try the pumpkin prosecco if you go...delicious!


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