Friday, September 21, 2012

CD Diary: Highlights from Our Second Trip to Nepal

Early this September, Hubs and I were over in Nepal for Round 2 of Conservation Drones. It was a great trip, and here are what I consider my highlights!
A surprise upgrade to Business class on the A380, Zurich to Singapore flight. 
That also provided a second surprise -- I am a gold frequent flyer, haha. (Show off.)

Beautiful Sushi dinner in Kathmandu.
Taking a Nepalese domestic flight, the Buddha Air.
08.Sep.12 Morning elephant ride
An elephant ride in Bardia (Bardiya) National Park.
Our second elephant ride in Nepal; first was in Chitwan National Park.

08.Sep.12 Tea... @NTNC
Tea. Lots and LOTS of tea.
And FOOD. (And also buying elastic pants to accommodate more eating.)

13.Sep.12 Rickshaws in Thamel, Kathmandu
Taking rickshaw rides in Kathmandu.
A successful Conservation Drones training session conducted by The Hubs.
... my souvenir for assisting.
13.Sep.12 Yay, found yarn
Shopping in Thamel.
Frivolous shopping. My favourite reward to round up my visit to Nepal.
(Although, the biggest reward would be to be in the Himalayas... Greedy, greedy.)

In addition to these, we returned home to hear Fluffy's praises from our catsitters :D
That should be the highlight.


  1. Woohoo! Upgrades make for a nicer flight!

  2. OOh. How exciting and interesting! Looks like you had a great time in Nepal!

  3. Hooray for upgrades! So lovely to come and visit your blog after you left a comment. Thank you. I really appreciated your honesty in sharing things about your own challenges too. I LOVE your title Domestic Engineer! I hope you have a wonderful new week and I look forward to sharing our cooking adventures also soon. :)

  4. Sojealous of your upgrade to business class! Also that picture of you and the gor on the elephant is lovely!

  5. Do you fly a lot? How come? Looks like a great trip - I want more detail! Didn't you blog about this before though? I need to read back....Why was that Buddha air flight so good? Was Business class cool? I want to go to Nepal now!!! xxx

  6. This trip sure makes for some wonderful memories.


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