Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Die Post Machine Kiosk

Since the one-man-operated post office closed down in April, this year, the little supermarket by us has made way to accommodate a little post kiosk. The first few weeks into its introduction saw many curious customers, and I was one of them. We are pretty heavy users of the postal service, so when it came to collecting parcels, it meant driving in to another town to pick things up.

My favourite bit about the post machine is: The English button. But I kind of miss seeing the usual faces behind the post desk counter... I also wonder about the supermarket cashiers; are they compensated for their new task?

One thing I've also noticed: all mail larger than 2.0cm is to be handled as Registered Parcel. And a parcel price begins at 20 Fr. for non-EU countries. Personally, I don't mind paying for the 6 Fr. Track & Trace service at all. But what does this mean for an online seller? Does a Shipping Cost of 26 Fr*. for a shoulder bag frighten you?

*26 Fr = 27.74 USD


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  2. You've asked to my question about the tiny post office!
    As long as people are able to use it without asking for the cashiers' help, I think it's a great idea..sometimes I have queue up for getting simple stamps for work, while once I could buy them at the tobacconist's shop.

  3. Cute kiosk. :) If you should have a service question, could the supermarket folk help you?

  4. Sending parcels or lager letters from Switzerland to anywhere is far too expensive for my liking! Not quite as annoying as having to pay tax on most parcels that you receive from outside Switzerland though...paying to collect my own wedding gifts is a still a sore point for me!

  5. Wow I've never seen this before. It is sad when you read of post offices closing down around the world. We must hang onto some of these old ways a little! It's quite costly for postage from Australia too and I wonder if it turns off shoppers in my online store, but I am powerless to make it cheaper. See you in cooking club!

  6. I've been to one of these to mail a small package. I liked the English button.

    Did your old post not have the ominous glass windows with speakers as all the ones I've been too had. I found it hard to hear and interact with them. I always felt like the post office in Oerlikon rejoiced when I left. I must of smiled to much. ;)

  7. Postal costs have gone up in the UK is a shame! Sad that so many postal offices have closed which were once a massive hub of the community! xxx


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