Saturday, August 25, 2012

CD Diary: Unusually Hot Day. 11 Jun Part 3.

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11 June 2012, Monday.
Location: Chitwan National Park.
Accommodation: Chitwan Paradise Hotel.
Work / Field site: Some minutes' drive away, across the stream where elephants bathe.

We made it across the stream / river and set ourselves up in the hotel. Lunch at the hotel was beautiful, not requiring a pre-meal snack, unlike the night before. Work went on in the hotel rooms -- setting up the planes, and everyone getting all excited. Before heading out to the field site, the planes even received a blessing from Ganesh. (Just kidding.)

In the hours we spent under the scorching dry heat, we were guzzling bottles of water to the last drop like no tomorrow. That didn't help, and supplies were gone fast. It was close to 40°Celsius, with no possibility of shade. My retinas were on fire, naturally.

Anyhow, dinner was rather grand. It was with Very Very Important People. Talk of the weather was first and foremost, seeing how it was mighty, mighty hot. Servers went around providing food and drinks in what felt like without a minute's break. They certainly wanted us well-served... A little disruptive to a conversation, I might say, if you were caught in something interesting.

The power went out too, occasionally.

Looking at our big plates set on the table, you'd have thought that was dinner, for real. Right? Wrong -- that was pre-dinner snack. I was fooled again.

Work went well in the afternoon, so the next morning was going to be a grand day.


  1. I wish I could have tasted all the dishes you have dispatched :-)

  2. What a fun gathering of nerds. hehe.


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