Friday, August 24, 2012

CD Diary: Rhino, Gharials, and Tiger, oh my. 11 Jun Part 1.

11 Jun 2012, Monday. In the wilderness and enjoying free Wi-fi at Machan Wildlife Resort.
At 6AM, we were up and having our morning coffee and milk tea. Milk tea was in fact boiled milk, and dipping a bag of black tea into it. I like it that way too, especially with the nice layer of milk skin!

The very friendly staff approached us to ask if we wanted to see a rhinoceros. Not having finished my tea, and thinking it was going to take some time, I declined. A second friendly staff approached us again about seeing a rhinoceros. This time, I asked if it was going to be far. (Hubs was not going, so I was uncertain about walking out by myself, for an unknown length of time.)

No, not far, I was promised. The internet world can wait, so I followed the friendly staff to a spot that appeared to be a look-out hut, some minutes away.

Where is the rhino?
A camera with 15-20x zoom would have been perfect. (I only had 3x-zoom).
In this picture: The rhinoceros is walking away from us, into the tree cover. It certainly was not waiting for me. And at that point, I was envious of the guys who spotted this with their perfect eyes. Me, bespectacled and straining hard to focus on something so distant. I was quite sure I was imagining things, too.

6:26AM: Rhinoceros, even though it's a speck -- check.

The others joined us, and it was time for breakfast. We had a full breakfast, served incessantly by mild-mannered and patient waiters wearing a smile with a 'sir' and 'madam', always.
It was quite unusual being waited upon like that -- from pouring beverages to cornflakes into our bowls and being offered the numerous ways to have an egg. Good thing I could spread my own toast.

After being well-served, we took a " jungle drive" to meet with someone important.

The morning's meeting was brief, and following that, we were taken to a gharial breeding area not too far away.
DSC06293 DSC06298 DSC06301 DSC06308

We were told that they housed a tiger, too. Curious to find out more, we followed one of the staff to see the tiger. It was a short walk from the gharials.
Walking past this ditch, it was hard not to imagine this as a ferocious feeding area for the crocs.
Our inside joke: Fail and you'll be brought here to be fed to the crocodiles.

So, this looked like a tiger's enclosure...

As we ducked in, I was expecting to face a tiger gladiator style.
Thankfully, the enclosure was empty.

The tiger was in the adjoining enclosure. When it growled, those wooden planks could not have felt less secure. It didn't help being told that this was a man-eater.
Bad cats get locked up... I never found out what was to happen with this man-eater.


With the animal visit done, we were driven some 1-and-half hours to our next stop...

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