Thursday, August 30, 2012

CD Diary: Nepalese / Nepali Chia

DSC06655 DSC06647
14 June 2012, Thursday. After a unique start to our morning, we loaded our bags into the van and bode farewell to Machan Wildlife Resort, and drove through the village.

We wound our way along the mountain roads, midway stopping by a modest hut for some chia.
DSC06657 DSC06663

It looks deceiving that the hut offers nothing but tea; it had such a great view.

I was curious about those deep-fried rings...

So there we were, stretching our legs and waiting for our chia to be freshly made. I took the liberty of stalking our chia-maker.

First, you boil the milk.

Throw in the tea (probably with spices in them).

Add sugar.

Sieve and serve!

In case you were wondering about my spelling error on chai... It is chia in Nepali. I would best describe the taste as masala chai, if you are already familiar with that. Lovely black spiced milk tea...


  1. Is that a goat I see?! Whatever kind of ruminant it is, it is udderly adorable. (Haha, pun!)

  2. hi Juanita,
    was für eine tolle Reise! Ich hoffe ich komme auch einmal nach Nepal :)
    Danke für deine tolle Reiseberichte

    lg Sandra

  3. I LOVE CHAI! So good - I once had one which was like eating a cadbury's creme egg centre - lush!


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