Tuesday, August 28, 2012

CD Diary: Machan Wildlife Resort. 12 Jun, Part 3.

DSC06554 DSC06556 DSC06555

12 June 2012, Tuesday. Doesn't Machan Wildlife Resort look grand? We were really looking forward to the free Wi-fi, at least I was, but we lucked out since the modem was ruined that afternoon. The friendly staff were apologetic.

Determined to get more images of the wildlife and landscape of the national park, as well as utilising the day light, we walked out to a nearby open field.

We were joined by the resort's staff (it was low season, anyway)...

... and then there was your next door vain-pot. Watch out for snakes!

The staff were curious to know what we were up to, and sharing with them the aerial footage was an added bonus -- they had knowledge of the area.

With a couple of wing flights down, and the sun setting, we followed the staff to the "back route" of the resort.
DSC06577 DSC06580 DSC06582

As usual, trying not to be too distracted and lagging too far behind...

... I had to jog past the corn and banana.

That evening, there was a traditional dance that accompanied the pre-dinner snack.

Not many of us gave a lot of attention to the dancing men, however.

After 2 nights of Nepalese pre-dinner snacks, I knew I had to pace myself.
Being all hungry by sundown, it was difficult to fight these pakoras off.

By 9:00PM, the glorious dinner buffet spread was ready!

The next morning was going to be an early day; some work needed to be done before the temperatures got too, too hot. There was also talk of a must-do in Nepal -- an elephant ride. Seeing how the work and training were not completed, and those would take up a lot of time, we had to decline their generous offer to focus on getting work done...


  1. Fab pictures! Reading your posts makes me want to travel...and eat lovely food.

  2. I'm going back in your blog to catch up on your trip and fabulous photos! Hugs!


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