Friday, August 17, 2012

CD Diary: Leaving DGFC

07 June 2012, Thursday.
Following the satisfying morning and lunch, we spent some time in the library of DGFC. I made full use of the Wi-fi hour.

The damaged wings were retrieved from the forest by Mark and a couple of the other students...
We then made a second trip out to another field site. This time, it involved a trickier trek through a dense terrain which made transporting the assembled plane and large bags interesting.

Time spent at the second field site was a couple of hours, although in that scorching heat, it felt like 10.
By late afternoon we were back at DGFC to pack, got cleaned, and left the vicinity by 5:30PM. We were driven by Mark, on the boat and truck, for about 3 hours, and made our way to Sandakan city.
(And would you believe that Mark had to drive back to DGFC, that same night?)

We were to spend the night in the city, and had yet to find a hotel to put up in...

In DGFC's library. Air-conditioned, when electricity was available.

The damaged wings.

We emerged from that dense forest and did the limbo rock :D

Students that came along.

Thanks to sand flies.

It. Was. So. So. Hot.

We couldn't help it.

A soft muddy track to and from the boat.


DSC06235 DSC06236

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