Tuesday, August 7, 2012

CD Diary: Kota Kinabalu - just one night

03 Jun 2012, Sunday. Rise and shine, folks. We left the Royale Bintang hotel in Kuala Lumpur - after a short night's sleep - and found ourselves at the airport 10 before 6:00AM.

We were 2 plane sets down, 2 more to go to Sabah, East Malaysia.
(You are aware, by now, of the baggage we have been hauling around. Personal belongings were little.) 
At the airport, we tried something new: wrapping the precious cargo.

First pit stop in Sabah: Kota Kinabalu.

Our oversized baggage made it safe and sound to Kota Kinabalu, together with us. While there, we were met up by a group of very important people.

The meeting with the very important people didn't take too long, seeing how Kota Kinabalu was just a brief stop for us. We also needed to stock up on some work-related supplies, before heading out into the field.

The Centre Point shopping mall was a couple of blocks away from the hotel we were putting up.

While in the Centre Point, we had a craving for bubble tea, but lucked out on tapioca pearls. The jelly substitute it was.

And in case you were thinking the purple cup was mine...

Sorry, wrong guess.

Having gotten our sweet drinks, we made our way to the Waterfront for dinner with our hosting colleagues.
Next stop: Sandakan, by domestic flight.

[ The last time we spent time in Sabah was in 2007, the Hubs still a PhD student, and at that time, hotels did not fit into our budget. Kota Kinabalu was the "clean stop" for us, as it was - still is - a city. Five years on, we still remember KK just the same. ]


  1. how do these colored tapioca pearls taste ... it looks horrible !

    1. OH my, Sandra, I love bubble tea and the tapioca pearls. What we had, in the pictures above, just was not bubble tea at all :D

  2. Thank you for the posting some maps :)
    I see..so my Birthday wishes were sent from here :)

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. But you're right -- it was from Borneo :)


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