Sunday, August 12, 2012

CD Diary: Kinabatangan ¦ Milky River





04 June 2012, Monday. After establishing the fact that the B+B was run by one big family that afternoon, we were taken to a field site, down the river. It involved going through a little patch of forest, and I failed you by not taking pictures.

Speaking for myself, I always imagine rivers to be clear. The Kinabatangan that I saw was in this constant and uniform shade of 'milk tea' brown. There was a lot of floating debris, so it got bumpy when the boat skimmed over a log.

This river, too, is very much frequented by eco-tourists in boats, in search of some Borneo wildlife. Touring boats were easy to spot -- the tourists would be wearing bright orange life vests, I was told.

And since we were on the topic of tourists...
We were suggested to do some sightseeing ourselves! Boat rides normally take place early in the morning, when the animals are out and about. Taking Isabelle's suggestion, we agreed to an early morning boat ride that she kindly arranged. This was conveniently operated by the B+B, too.

I was excited -- it was going to be yet another early morning, but this time, we get to play tourists for one hour!


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