Friday, August 3, 2012

CD Diary: Kenyir Lake to KL, Malaysia (Day 4/4) - Mission 2 complete

02 June 2012, Saturday -- One last shot of the Kenyir Lake resort before heading out.

We summed up our 2-night stay at Kenyir by enjoying a few minutes of Wi-fi* at the lobby, before commencing work -- a last few hours back at the field site, with some improvisation to the motor.

*It was rather urgent that we found replacement and spare parts for the plane(s), so it was also a search online, for model hobby shops in Kuala Lumpur, where we were heading later in the afternoon.

Back on the road, it was; a southwestern drive from Terengganu back to Kuala Lumpur, taking a handful of hours.

In the evening, we made it to this particular shopping mall that promised a hobby shop -- Berjaya Times Square, which has an indoor theme park.
Quite unusual!

So, we did get a couple of motor parts from a hobby shop. And what I got out of Berjaya Times Square was bubble tea.
Bubble tea!

We were then brought to this hotel, where we got to take a shower before adjourning to a Lebanese dinner, some 10-minute walk away.
I wanted fries, that night.

It was a long day.
Fourth night in West Malaysia down; the next morning, we had to make our way to the East Malaysian state, Sabah, in Borneo!

P.S. No surprise there -- I wonder who was responsible for having tea.

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