Tuesday, August 21, 2012

CD Diary: Kathmandu, Nepal

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10 June 2012, Sunday. Among all the locations of this Conservation Drones "Asian tour", this final one got me most excited. Nepal. I did not know what to expect. Fun!

The curry cookie snack on-board was... interesting. A cookie is a cookie, and we never refuse a cookie.

At the Kathmandu airport, we were greeted by colleagues from the WWF and their gracious welcome (check out the scarf), and taken to a restaurant with a Chinese room for lunch (with such a great view of the city), where we were told of our programme for the next following days.

We made our way to Chitwan National Park, some 190km away or 5-odd hours away by road, arriving Machan Wildlife Resort by sundown, where we met other Very Important People for dinner.

From 7 to 9PM, stir-fried dishes served finger-food style was offered to us as we had drinks. Thinking that was how dinner was to be had in Nepal, I was going at each of them. They were so yummy. Then the pace of food started to slow down past 9PM, and I thought it was to be called the night.
I thought wrong -- the buffet spread was set up, and it was time for real dinner. Impolite to refuse, we had our second large dinner of rice, breads, and curries.

What I should not forget to mention is the heat... It was much hotter and drier than our past weeks in southeast Asia; in the range of mid- to late-30 Celsius. Uff...

The night was spent in Machan Wildlife Resort. The next day, we were to be relocated.


  1. LOL at the "interesting" cookie!
    You had to hurry up to eat it since its early expiry date :)

  2. I´d love to visit Nepal... a friend of mine was there and brought me wonderful things :)
    I never was in no asian country; I´d love to taste the food there :P

    greetings from around the corner ;)

  3. Curry cookie sounds interesting.


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