Tuesday, August 28, 2012

CD Diary: In the News. 13 Jun 2012.


13 June 2012, Wednesday. This must be Early Morning No. 19. We had a good rest, so there was nothing to complain about. As discussed the night before, it was going to be an early start for flight training. So off we went, driving through the village outside of Machan Wildlife Resort...

DSC06594 DSC06599 DSC06604 DSC06606 IMG_4885

By 8:00AM, at the field site, the air had warmed up to its boiling temperatures. We did get images of rhinoceros some distance away, thankfully. As this was going on, a crisis involving illegal poaching took place, and the Important People had to be rushed away to see to matters.

With training done by half past 9, it was back at the resort for breakfast.

In a bit of a 'down time', I asked about the huts that we've seen in the village. They were made up of plant material and coated with a layer of mud. Interestingly, the walls of the dining area were covered in mud, too.

Checking the news, our local colleague told us of a local news report on the 'Demonstration flight' to the VVIP that took place the day before.
Is that you on facebook?

Anyhow, the rest of the day was spent in and around Machan Wildlife Resort; I even got a few hours of 'rest and relaxation' with some entertainment on my phone! (I thought I was never going to get the chance.)

With such an eventful day, we were packing in these pre-dinner snacks happily.
IMG_2359 IMG_2360

Forth and final mission complete!
Celebratory Gin 'N Tonic all around...

This was our last night at Chitwan National Park and Machan Wildlife Resort. And yes! We could then agree to spending our next morning with the must-do-in-Nepal elephant ride. Our local colleagues kindly arranged that for us with the resort. I was so excited.

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